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With many changes going on in the world today it seems as though more and more people in the spotlight are choosing to have the courage to live life as they choose. This is great news to those who are still either scared to come out or for those who think they may be condemned for being who they choose to be. These celebrities can inspire many transgender people suffering from gender identity disorder.

As stated on the Huffington post last week:

“Against Me! Singer Tom Gabel has come out as transgender to Rolling Stone. Gabel has plans to start living as a woman and will take the name Laura Jane Grace.

GLAAD’s president, Herndon Graddick, also expressed support for the punk rocker. “Tom’s decision to live life authentically is a not only a personal step forward, but one that will advance the national discussion about treating transgender people with fairness,” he said. “As more and more Americans get to know people who are transgender, they’re coming to embrace and celebrate them.”

It’s great to see someone who lives most of their life in the spotlight to have the courage to make this statement publicly. Hopefully, by seeing more and more famous transgender people in the media, people can finally start to be more compassionate towards those who are not what they would consider “the norm” and instead see us all as a human race verses those who are gay, straight, transgender, lesbian, Caucasian, Hispanic or African American.