How soon is too soon to take preventive measures on your facial skin? I say it is never too young to be healthy as long as you are smart about how you approach it. Teenagers are now smarter than they ever have been before about the benefits of proactive & preemptive efforts that can be taken in order to keep the skin healthy and fresh. There is no shortage of information online that teenagers can bump into regarding their health now and in the future.

Here are some safe efforts teenagers can take to keep their skin looking very youthful:

Facial Creams & Moisturizers

With so many teenagers hitting the beaches & tanning beds it is important for them to really moisturize their face as much as possible especially over night during sleep hours. Keeping the facial skin moisturized now will be greatly appreciated in future years. Wrinkles can creep up at any time so it is important to be weary.

Stay Healthy and Be Fit

Put the video games down for the weekend and go for a run or even a walk. Get that bicycle out of the garage and start peddling around your neighborhood. Exercise will keep the body’s cells regenerating and active allowing the skin to remain youthful and tight. Strict exercise regimen overtime can help maintain the youthful looking skin levels we all seek out. Don’t wait and bring forth a reactive approach. Being proactive is the name of the game to healthy skin.

Don’t Forget your Veggies

There is a reason why your parents tell you to eat your vegetables, it’s because they are healthy for you and filled with rich anti-oxidants that can release nasty toxins from the skin naturally. Green leafy veggies can significantly increase your anti-oxidant levels leaving behind only healthy skin cell levels.