We have announced that patients who would like to have Dr.Spiegel perform Restylane® lip augmentation surgery on them during the month of February will be able to enjoy a $75 discount on the procedure. This means that patients who have previously not been able to afford this surgery will now be able to have it done at a reduced price.

Patients who wish to have this surgery done can either opt to have it look as natural as possible or they can have it look as outstanding as they like. Once the lip augmentation has been performed, the patient’s lips will be more pronounced. Dr. Spiegel has developed a unique method of performing this surgery that ensures that the patient receives the most satisfactory results as possible.

Because this procedure makes use of a patient’s own tissue, there are far fewer risks involved with having it than with other forms of surgery. An added advantage to this procedure is the fact that the patient’s lips will feel completely natural after the procedure while also making the patient look many years younger than before.