In a world where everyone strives for beauty anti-aging techniques can help a person not only look better but feel better also. The signs of aging can often times be avoided if the proper steps are taken early in a person’s life. With that said it is never too late to engage in anti-aging efforts.

Recently Dr. Spiegel was featured on The Bellingham Herald discussing a variety of anti-aging tips.

Put time into taking care of your hands and face. “Putting the time in goes toward a good, clear complexion,” he said. “People will know if your skin is healthy. They can tell the difference between freckles and lesions.”

“It’s frigid up here in Boston, so I have to take care of my hands and face, which are exposed. The same goes for the sun. Most of the time the rest of your skin is covered, which is why it’s necessary to focus on the hands and face.”