A few nights ago Dr. Spiegel had the opportunity to be featured on Inside Edition discussing surgery options for those in government. Dr. Spiegel discussed what some of the recent presidential candidates could do to tighten up some of their facial features.

“Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel of Boston University gave each of the candidates a computerized makeover.

“Some of the candidates could be much more attractive, pretty easily,” said Spiegel.

Dr. Spiegel started with the candidate he felt was in need of the most work – Newt Gingrich.

“He’s got extra wrinkles. He’s got bags under his eyes which make him look tired,” said Dr. Spiegel.

After some computer rendering, Speigel said, “I think we’ve taken 15 years off Newt’s face, easily.”

At age 53, Rick Santorum is the youngest of the Republican hopefuls. A little botox would get rid of wrinkles and gives him a refreshed appearance.

Mitt Romney has a big edge according to Dr. Spiegel.”

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