Technology has no plans on slowing down progress and growth and the world around us becomes more and more connected through the gadgets that are sitting in our pockets and purses. Recent;y Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel was featured on the Baltimore Sun discussing how technology and facial recognition are playing a role together in our society.

“Facial recognition technology is starting to be more widely used in the banking industry as a fraud detection tool, as well as in other industries, such as to identify cheaters at casinos. It can capture demographic information about shoppers. It’s even used on Facebook. Because there is a potential for abuse, the Federal Trade Commission is starting to look into how the technologies are being implemented. The FTC is hosting a Washington, D.C. workshop on December 8 to determine what’s at stake in terms of privacy and security.”

Fraud has hit record levels and it is important to be able to control it to the best of everyone’s ability.

Dr. Spiegel’s quote on the topic:

” Spiegel says. “I have no problem with Coca-Cola determining that men my age drink Coke Zero instead of full-sugar Coke. But the big problem will be is when that biometric data says that’s Jeffrey Spiegel, and he’s at the ballgame…All collected data is dangerous once it becomes linked to your name.”