The answer is yes! But a better question is will it be enough to make you happy?
Let’s start with how it works. For various reasons fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperatures than skin, muscle, and other types of tissue. Fat freezing takes advantage of this by using a vacuum to suck fatty areas into a device and then freeze the area. The skin and other cells handle this cold temperature well for the time of exposure, while fat doesn’t and some of it dies.

The key word is “some”. Not all of the fat dies and you won’t see anything on the scale because the amount of fat that dies is not much. It may also take several treatments to see a meaningful improvement. What is meaningful, if your weight stays the same? Well, if you no longer see a roll of fat falling over your waistband, that’s pretty meaningful!

The most well known type of fat freezing is branded “Coolsculpting” and there are other devices that work on the same principal. Many of these use more advanced algorithms that first heat the skin to prepare the fat for freezing. These more advanced devices can also have multiple attachments so that more areas of fat can be treated at the same time. There is however, a limit to how much can be done because the dead fat needs to be cleared from your body by your liver, and we don’t want to overwhelm it with too much at once. The punchline is that fat freezing is an easy, painless, nonsurgical way to contour body parts and fat rolls. It’s one of many tools we have to get you the shape you want.

Another option is Kybella. This is an injectable medication that kills fat cells. The dead fat cells cause inflammation and swelling. This is why you may feel a bit like a bullfrog for a few weeks if you get this injected into your neck. However, the inflammation clears the dead fat cells and it can be uncomfortable requiring multiple treatments. Hence, Kybella is another option for treating fat cells in a minimally invasive fashion.

EmSculpt is another trending device. This device uses energy to stimulate muscle contraction. Several competing devices have entered the market. The muscle contraction causes some fat loss and some muscle growth. They say an hour on the machine is like doing more than a thousand sit ups. Does it work? A little.

All of these devices deliver something. There is limited recovery, limited risk, and more subtle results than with surgery.

At TSC we aim to deliver the right treatment for each person. Sometimes that’s surgery such as a facelift. Other times it’s a less aggressive but still effective treatment like facetite or bodytite. And, there are people for whom several visits for kybella or fat freezing is just what they need.

A teaspoon is not as effective as a shovel for planting a tree in your garden, but it is the best choice for adding salt to a recipe. Both a spoon and a shovel work when used correctly.

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