There are many reasons why a person may want a rhinoplasty, or “nose job”. Certainly the most common desire is to look better. The nose is a centerpiece on the face and if twisted, too large, or disproportionate to the rest of your features it can be a conspicuous liability.

However, the nose is not just something to look at. Besides being the primary way we experience olfactory stimuli (smells), it’s important for breathing.

The nose filters some particles out of the air with the small hairs in the nose, detects bad air (with our sense of smell), and both warms and humidifies cold dry air. Of course, for the nose to serve these important purposes air has to flow smoothly through the nose.

Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t.

Many people complain of difficult breathing through the nose. This can be caused by allergies or sensitivities and in this case we’ll treat the problem with a nasal spray. Other times, the cartilage of the nose can be twisted, misshapen, or too floppy to work correctly.

Whenever I do a rhinoplasty I make certain that the nose will both look better, and function better, after the procedure.

This may involve reshaping the nasal septum (a septoplasty), repositioning and shrinking the inferior turbinates (some structures inside the nose that can block airflow), or strengthening collapsing cartilage on the sides of the nose.

It takes extra effort to correct these issues, but I feel it is worthwhile. Getting people to look beautiful, and breathe beautifully, is what we deliver at The Spiegel Center.

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