Oprah recently put out a piece about a female investment banker who went under the knife for 10 plastic surgery procedures resulting in her career sky rocketing.

“Not only did my romantic options explode, but my career instantly shifted into a higher gear. I was suddenly being courted by senior partners, included in meetings with the CEOs and CFOs of current and prospective clients. I thought, “Wait a minute—I’m the same person I was before the surgeries.” But now I looked like a bombshell in addition to being really good at my work, and it definitely opened up more opportunities. That’s when I began to think of the surgeries as an asset and an investment.”

It is unfortunate that the world judges a book by it’s cover but the reality is that they do. This woman, who remains anonymous, shows first hand the positive effects of what can occur when going through plastic surgery treatments.

“Well, it’s interesting. Having a killer body gave me a kind of confidence I’d never had. But the way men reacted to me after my first surgery was the way I thought people would treat me if I had suddenly become famous. It was clear the reaction had nothing to do with who I really am. I’m not as vulnerable as I was before my surgeries, and I’m more careful about who I choose to be with. I choose people who love me forme. “

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