Botox is quickly becoming one of those treatments that is turning into a wonder drug. Over the years Botox has been able to cure more than just looks. Botox has been able to treat excessive sweating, headaches and now itchy skin.

In a story on IOL Lifestyle:

“The wrinkle jab Botox may be an effective treatment for itchy skin conditions including eczema, according to new research.

Last month, doctors at Edinburgh University found that a woman who had suffered with itching on her arms and torso for 12 years reported a dramatic reduction in symptoms lasting six months after having Botox injections in the affected areas.

In a second case, a 55-year-old woman whose forehead had itched for six years was also successfully treated with the injection. And the University of Jena in Germany has reported that Botox provided a 12-fold reduction in symptoms in patients suffering with hand eczema.”

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