When one hears the word Botox being mentioned, most people associate it with people who want to look younger than they really are. However, over the past few years, it has been discovered that Botox is able to be used for a wide range of applications other than just beauty enhancement. In fact, there are a few medical conditions that can be treated or even improved through the use of Botox.

Successfully used to Treat Migraines

While there may not be any definite answers yet regarding just how Botox is able to help reduce the onset of migraine headaches, it has been shown to reduce the amount of attacks experienced by sufferers. It is believed that because Botox is used to relax the facial muscles in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, this muscle relaxation may in fact also help reduce the onset of migraines. Patients who previously suffered from headaches that began in the neck or on top of the head also reported substantial relief after having Botox treatment.

Eliminate Excessive Perspiration and Reduce Muscle Spasms

Alternatively known as Hyperhidrosis, excessive perspiration can be extremely inconvenient and embarrassing. Patients who perspire excessively usually do so as a result of the over-production of a chemical in the sweat glands known as acetylcholine. By having Botox injections, patients can lead a more normal life free from having to worry about excessive perspiration. Patients who suffered from debilitating muscle spasms as a result of conditions like cerebral palsy can also benefit from Botox injections because it helps prevent the spasms from occurring.

Assisting With Bladder Control

Those who suffer from incontinence or any other form of bladder weakness will know how debilitating this can be. More and more cases are being reported where Botox injections are being used to treat patients who have various bladder conditions. It works by allowing the bladder to hold more liquid before needing to release it. Patients who have used this form of treatment have reported that the effects can usually last a few months before needing to be repeated. Patients who have experienced any form of spinal injuries can also benefit from this treatment, as it often means that they encounter bladder problems after the injury has occurred.

Other Uses for Botox

As we can see, Botox has a myriad of advantages and uses other than simply wrinkle reduction. The FDA has even approved this form of treatment for patients who suffer from strabismus or lazy eye syndrome. Those who have suffered muscle spasms as a result of experiencing a stroke can also enjoy the muscle relaxing benefits that Botox has to offer. In one case, a patient who had suffered a stroke was given Botox injections into the affected muscles. Within a year or two, she had regained partial use of those muscles.

While Botox can be used to treat a variety of conditions, patients should always discuss any potential risks that may be associated with it with their doctor or physician.

Image Source: Flickr/makelessnoise

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