Botox is getting some new friendly competition very shortly, actually next month. Xeomin which was approved by the FDA just this month in August will be hitting the cosmetic medical market officially in September. It was approved by the FDA to treat neuromuscular conditions like cervical dystonia blepharospasm and is not yet approved to treat wrinkles in the brows and the forehead.

According to Plastic Surgery Practice Botox and Dysport which are both approved for treating a variety of wrinkles will now have Xeomin as a new competitor in the field of facial plastic surgery injectables regardless of the FDA ruling. All three possess very similar type A neurotoxins in their ingredient list which makes all three of them very close competition. One area where Xeomin is unique over its competitors is that it is free of any complex protein which doesn’t allow it to hold any advantage over Botox and Dysport. There are actually certain physicians that feel that these lack of proteins could cause serious complications in the injection over time leading to a droopy face in the area where the injections occurred.

From a convenience stand point Xeomin will not need refrigeration before injection which will allow a great convenience factor for many physicians. It is too early to say how the community will react to this new product but with only two real competitors things will surely change a bit from a competition stand point. Whether that is for the good or the bad is a whole other story that only time will tell.