Believe it or not how you sleep can have a positive or a negative impact on your skin by creating pre-mature wrinkles and actually endorsing back problems. In a recent article a comprehensive discussion on a variety of sleeping positions and which are the best and worst for overall health were put to the test. Just changing the way you sleep can actually help your back, stop snoring and reduce those pesky wrinkles in your body and face.

What is the best position to sleep? Your back.

Sleeping on your back has a variety of positive effects including significant wrinkle reduction, reducing acid reflux and preventing back and neck pain. From a wrinkle standpoint when you sleep on your back you have no unwanted forces pushing on your face. When sleeping on your back the skin & muscles in your face can sit in a neutral relaxed position. This allows for no unwanted creases for long periods of time in the skin. Creases over time will cause wrinkles.

Sleeping on your side can cause wrinkles.

When you sleep on your side you can cause your face to be pushed up against one side. If you are a heavy sleeper who doesn’t toss and turn much in their sleep this pushed up skin could sit in that position for hours at a time. Multiply this over years of sleeping and you can see how it could effect the skin on your face in a negative fashion. However, sleeping on your side is good for snoring and also your spine because it is in an elongated position. If you have back problems it could be beneficial.

Try to avoid the fetal position.

Sleeping in the fetal position is really bad for your back and could increase wrinkles in your face and your breasts. Try straightening out your feet at least a little bit each night until you can fall asleep with your legs all the way out.

Sleeping on your stomach is the worst.

Sleeping on your stomach has been rated as the worst position to be in. It creates the most stress on your body and can cause the most wrinkles. With such a large portion of the front of your body being pushed up the most amount of wrinkles could be forming.