Wake up, go to work, cook dinner, watch TV, and off to bed. Then repeat. Sound familiar?
People often speak of being “stuck” in a routine, but routines aren’t always bad. Some routines are extremely good for us.

Routines also need to evolve. Being physically active and spending time with friends is easy when you are very young. Once you have a job, spouse, and partner it gets more difficult. As life progresses scheduling exercise and finding time to turn off your phone and put aside work responsibilities are important habits to add to your routine.

It’s the same for your appearance. Applying a mineral sunscreen to your face and the back of your hands is a great daily routine for a younger person. However, it’s not enough as time passes. This same person needs to add a moisturizer, brightening cream, and collagen building serum in order to keep themselves looking good.

We need to periodically reflect and deliberately plan our next step.

Are you this way with your aesthetics regimen? Perhaps you come in for botulinum every four months. What are you going to do next? When do you plan to add a photo facial with IPL? When is it time to get ahead of those small problem areas of fat with FAT FREEZING or tightening the loose skin on your eyelids with MORPHEUS?

We don’t need to break our routines, just update them. To paraphrase an old proverb, time and tide wait for no one. To keep ahead requires the conscious decision to adjust your regimen and routine.

So, what are you doing next?

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