Dr. Spiegel has recently announced that patients who wish to switch from Botox treatments to a Dysport treatment will be able to do so at his offices while enjoying a $75 discount on the procedure during the month of February. This opportunity doesn’t occur often, so it is an excellent time for customers to have this procedure performed.

While Dysport is quite similar to Botox, it is reconstituted a little differently. The advantage to this is the fact that patients report that they are able to notice visible results within just two to five days instead of the traditional four to seven days that are required after having Botox treatment. In some cases, patients who previously suffered from migraines reported that after having the Dysport treatments, the frequency of their migraines were reduced.

Patients who have Dysport treatment will be informed that these treatments may last a little longer than traditional Botox treatments. Dr. Spiegel is able to perform this procedure at his offices once the patient has had a consultation with him regarding the costs as well as any potential health risks that may be associated with it.