There are a variety of reasons why people choose to acquire more information surrounding cosmetic plastic surgery. Some are good, some not so good and some reasons are not even worth mentioning they are so bad. As a certified licensed cosmetic plastic surgeon you need to be able to distinguish when a potential patient should be consulted in a different direction regarding their needs and when plastic surgery should be completed and appropriate.

Here are some important reasons why cosmetic plastic surgery might not be appropriate:

  1. You are depressed: If you are depressed plastic surgery might be a short term fix but typically won’t satisfy you long term. Find the cause of your depression and see if you are still interested in that cosmetic procedure.
  2. You want to look like a Hollywood star: Advanced facial aesthetics aim at improving certain features on a person’s body and face but if your goal is to look like someone in Hollywood you are going about your plastic surgery all wrong.
  3. Trying to create happiness: In order to create happiness you have to truly understand your unhappiness. It might be your body and it might not be but it is important to first identify what it is so you know you are making the right choice.
  4. You have health problems: If you have health problems that are associated with your initial reasons to get plastic surgery that is one thing but if you have serious health problems unrelated to your plastic surgery the treatment might not be right for you just yet. Identify your health problems first and work at fixing them first before you go under the knife with a plastic surgeon.
  5. Trying to impress someone: Don’t get plastic surgery to try and impress someone because it might not work. Go through a cosmetic plastic surgery treatment because you want to go through that particular treatment. Do it for yourself and nobody else.
  6. You feel like getting something done: If you feel like “getting something done” to your body than chances are you probably don’t really need it. This could be a sign of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and it is important to understand the early signs of this disorder before things get a bit out of control for you.

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