You see them all the time they are those left over areas where pimples might have been visible on a person face at one point but are now gone. These pimple scars can be a very embarrassing and traumatizing to a person depending on how severe the scars appear. There are some ways a person can reduce the appearance of these scars to help them appear a bit less noticeable to others or at least reduce the occurrence of new pimples.

Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Laser resurfacing is a popular option to have those scars significantly reduced or removed. Laser resurfacing is one of the more cost effective approaches that uses a light technology to remove those pimple blemishes and scars.

Vitamin E Oil

Rubbing vitamin E on any type of scar has proven to be a very effective form of scar reduction and removal. Typical vitamin E comes in a capsule with an oil substance that can be dabbed and applied onto the effected areas of the skin.

Ice Cubes

Some individuals have actually recommended rubbing ice cubes on the effected areas for 5-10 minutes per/day to help tighten up the skin and the pores and also aid in any future scars appearing.

Drink Water

Drinking water on a daily basis is just healthy all around to do but the hydration in the skin can help reduce the scars and also prevent any future breakouts a person might have on their skin.


Zinc is also a great way to help reduce wrinkles and scars along with reoccurring pimples coming back. Roughly 50 mg per/day of Zinc for a few months and then take a look to see how things are working.

There are many ways to help reduce the scars on a persons face from pimples and the reality is that everyones body is different and it will require trying out different methods and treatments to see what really works. Only time and dedication will tell what really works and what doesn’t work.

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