Plastic surgery was never meant to discriminate. It’s taken some time, but plastic surgery in the male population is steadily on the rise. So much so that it makes up over 40% of the procedures performed in some plastic surgery disciplines. This is a big deal.

Men are now living longer, healthier lives. In some ways, their physical features are aging quicker than their actual bodies. This creates a desire to improve over aging features—the most common of which being facial. Here are some trendy procedures that can help you:

Eye Brow Lift

Eye brow lifts are the most popular and common facial plastic surgery procedure amongst men—and for good reason. Men show their age in their eyes and forehead more than any other part of the body. Sagging eyelids and horizontal lines on the forehead can make men appear tired, stressed, angry, and/or upset. It can be frustrating. Luckily, eye brow lifts can help.

An eyebrow lift is a simple procedure that uses two very tiny incisions to access and improve problem areas. It offers amazing results with a short recovery time—most patients return to a normal quality of life in under a week.

Face Lift

Men show excessive visible signs of aging in their face. The exact reasons are unknown, but it probably has something to do with increased levels of testosterone that are produced when men undergo extended bouts of stress. A softer jawline, looser neck, and deepening groves around the eyes, nose, and forehead can all be seen in aging men. A face lift procedure can be used to treat this.

A facelift is one of the most common facial plastic surgery procedures. It raises and tightens the skin, underlying muscles, and connective tissues. The result is a smooth and natural face contour with very minimal visible scarring. One of the best things about a face lift is that its results get better over time. This is due to a more relaxed face.

Double Chin Injections

Kybella is a new injectable that is becoming more and more popular amongst men. It effectively decreases or eliminates the appearance of a double chin—something that’s common in both aging men and women. It’s a first of its kind drug that offers solutions that diet and exercise alone sometimes can’t provide. Following Kybella treatments, patients report high levels of satisfaction with the appearance of their face, increased confidence and happiness, and improved self perception. In addition, they see improvements in both their work and family lives.


Plastic surgery need not only be for females. National trends are showing this. Many males are now seeing the benefits of plastic surgery. If you’re tired of looking—but not feeling—tired, a facial plastic surgery procedure might be right for you. A board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery is always the best person to contact. A consultation can provide you with all the information you need. A more youthful appearance can easily be obtained when you’re in the right hands.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

With special expertise in all aspects of facial plastic surgery, and a particular skill for revision surgery, it’s clear why Dr. Spiegel is one of the most celebrated facial plastic surgeons in the world. If you are seeking the best possible results, or have a uniquely challenging problem, you’ve found the right doctor.

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Dr. Onir L. Spiegel

Dr. Onir L. Spiegel

Dr. Onir (pronounced “oh-near”) has years of experience in facial aesthetics and treats some of the most recognizable and famous faces. Dr. Onir started her career in oral health, earning doctorate degrees from both New York University and Boston University. She has been the recipient of numerous awards for her cutting-edge medical research as well as her technical skills in dentistry.

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Dr. Jacob Tower

Dr. Jacob Tower

A board-certified specialist in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Jacob Tower brings a thoughtful approach and an artistic eye to New England’s premier plastic surgery practice, The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts. In addition to being an in-demand surgeon, Dr. Tower is an assistant professor at the Boston University School of Medicine, a sought-after lecturer, and an expert in facial plastic surgery.

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