Snoring surgery/ Pillar Implants Boston

We all want to present ourselves in the best possible way.  We want to look young, healthy, vibrant, and attractive to others.  So, who would want to make loud snoring sounds and bother their bed partner?

Snoring is an unpleasant sound that typically emanates from vibration of the palate and uvula in the back of the throat, which can sometimes be loud enough to wake up others, even in an adjacent room!

There are many considerations when evaluating a person for snoring.  Are they sleeping well themselves? Are they stopping breathing during the night?  Is it every night or just occasionally?

Dr. Spiegel is also a board certified expert throat surgeon and with a full evaluation can typically identify the cause of your snoring or other sleep disturbance. 

Sometimes, an effective treatment can be done right in the office.  Pillar implants are small, semi-soft injectable rods that are placed with an injection right into the palate.  These pillars firm up the palate to decrease vibration and reduce snoring.

The procedure is quick, well tolerated, and there are very few restrictions on your activity afterwards.

Are you ready to reduce your snoring, improve your sleep, and make your bed partner happy?  Call for an appointment to learn how easily you can put snoring behind you.

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