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Scar repair and revision is an easy and quick way to improve an unsightly scar. Scar quality can vary depending on the injury and the type of healer you are but, in most cases, scar quality can be greatly improved with a simple procedure. A traditional scar revision procedure requires Dr. Spiegel to cut away the old scar and create a cleaner, less noticeable new scar. The procedure can typically be performed right in our office with a local anesthesia although bigger scars may require anesthesia. Once this new incision heals the new scar will fade away beautifully over time. There is little recovery except for keeping the area clean and protected from the sun following the procedure.

Scar Revision/Reduction boston
Scar Revision/Reduction Before & After


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Procedure: Scar Repair And Revision
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A little over a year ago I was in a horrible car accident and suffered from facial trauma. At 21 years old, my concerns should be covering a pimple with make up, not hiding major scars. I was devastated and would avoid public places because of my anxiety/concerns of my scars. Dr. Spiegel is a very skilled surgeon! He and his team have gone above and beyond to make me feel welcomed. I had no idea walking in what could be done to minimize my scars appearances, but Dr. Spiegel and his team walked me through the steps educating me on the best course of treatment for my desired results. The IPL laser sessions took the redness appearance of my scars away, and the Microneedling/Botox injections sessions have been working to make the scarred areas more even and level with my skin. Dr. Spiegel has done a wonderful job restoring my facial appearance, as well as my confidence! I would highly recommend Dr. Spiegel and his team to anyone seeking scar revision treatment!



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