Rhinoplasty Surgery Boston

“It’s as plain as the nose on your face!”

We’ve all heard this expression used to refer to something that is completely evident and obvious. However, this expression tells us a lot about the nose as well. With its prominent central location on the face, your nose is one of the first things a person notices about you. Our Rhinoplasty nose job procedure can help your nose look the way that you want – just right for you.

Good Candidates for Rhinoplasty

Noses come in many shapes and sizes, and there is no one perfect nose. What’s important is that your nose fits your face. A nose that is too large, crooked, bent, rounded, bulbous, etcetera, can detract from an otherwise beautiful face. And, when you can’t breathe well through your nose that can be improved at the same time. If you feel that your nose is not right for your face, a nose job procedure might be right for you.

The Different Types of Rhinoplasty

There are several different types of nose surgery that are designed to address several different issues.

  • Rhinoplasty (Nose Shaping Surgery) AKA Nose Job – Can alter the size and shape of different features of the nose to enhance its overall appearance. Dr. Spiegel performs both “open” (with a few dissolving stitches between your nostrils) and “closed” (with all stitches inside the nose) techniques.
  • Septoplasty – Nose surgery performed to improve breathing through the nose. Septoplasty can be performed to address a deformity or to correct damage to the septum caused by trauma.
  • Revision surgery – Needed if a revision is required for a previous rhinoplasty nose surgery.
Rhinoplasty Boston
Rhinoplasty Before & After

Recovering from Your Rhinoplasty

Swelling and bruising are to be expected but will subside over the coming weeks. Any pain you may experience during your recovery can typically be managed with medication like acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol®). A majority of the swelling should subside after a few weeks. A small amount of swelling can persist for several months and up to a year but should not be highly noticeable. Dr Spiegel will provide you with comprehensive post-surgical instructions to help make your recovery as smooth as possible.

How Much Will My Rhinoplasty Cost?

The cost of your rhinoplasty in Boston can vary based on the techniques used and the work required to provide you with your ideal results. During your consultation, one of our expert TSC patient coordinators will let you know what the expected cost of your rhinoplasty will be. We do offer financing options.

The Rhinoplasty Expertise of Dr. Spiegel

As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Spiegel strives to help you have the nose that best fits your face. We don’t believe in one nose fits all! Dr. Spiegel is a recognized expert in the most complex nose surgeries. He’s helped people who have had even seven prior surgeries to get the results they want and has been a faculty member, teaching other plastic surgeons about nose surgery at medical meetings around the globe.

Schedule a Consultation Today

For more information on our Boston nose surgery procedures or if you need a rhinoplasty nose job revision please call 617-566-3223 or email [email protected] to schedule a consultation. Dr. Spiegel will listen to the specific issues you want to address through rhinoplasty, ask what your aesthetic goals are for the procedure, and answer any question you may have about your rhinoplasty in Boston.


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Procedure: Rhinoplasty Surgery
Source: Realself 1/31/2020
I had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Spiegel in December of 2019 and I had an amazing experience. I had so many problems with my nose, bone spur, deviated septum, ear problems due to the deviated septum, a hump on the bridge of my nose, uneven nostrils, and a totally crooked nose. Dr. Spiegel fixed all of my problems, I can fully breathe from my nose now and it looks incredible. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for about 7 years now and I’m so grateful that i found Dr. Spiegel. Not to mention his whole entire staff are the most helpful, sweetest people, including all of the nurses I had on the day of my surgery. I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience, all of them exceeded my expectations and I’d do it all over again. If you’re considering facial surgery, this is the place you need to go!



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