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In most cases, new moms are simply too busy taking care of their babies to notice the effects that the birth has had on their own appearances. However, more and more of them are realizing just how much of a toll giving birth takes on their bodies, and as a result, are opting to having various forms of mommy makeover procedures performed.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover will usually consist of a few different procedures such as liposuction, a tummy tuck, a breast lift or breast augmentation. New moms can elect to have one or even all of these procedures performed at once; however, this will depend largely on which areas of her body she would like to restore to the way they looked before her pregnancy. In many cases, excess skin will also be removed while the makeover is being performed.

Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks

One of the most commonly cited complaints from new moms is the fact that their bodies react to childbirth by leaving behind an array of unsightly stretch marks – usually across the abdominal area and on the thighs. Although reducing the appearance of stretch marks can be done by removing excess skin, laser treatment has also become an exceedingly popular option for this as well. Most cosmetic surgeons will be more than happy to include this option as part of a mommy makeover package.

Rejuvenate the Appearance of the Breasts

Pregnancy and breastfeeding often causes the breasts to sag or become misshapen. However, both of these scenarios can be easily remedied by means of breast enhancement surgery. This can include either reshaping the breasts or inserting implants just under the breasts to improve their appearance. It is important to remember that any form of breast surgery is not recommended for new moms who have chosen to breastfeed their babies, as this will have a negative impact on the overall quality and safety level of their breast milk.

As with any form of cosmetic surgery, there is always the possibility that unpleasant side effects may occur after having a mommy makeover performed. However, using the services of a reputable, experienced and licensed plastic surgeon will go a long way in helping to prevent this as far as possible. Moms should also ensure that they follow their surgeon’s advice closely with regards to getting enough rest and taking care of themselves after surgery.

Eliminate Flabby Skin

After giving birth, many women find that they are left with excessive amounts of loose skin around the abdomen, hips and waist areas. If this is the case, a plastic surgeon will be able to eliminate this relatively quickly by means of tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty. Although incisions may need to be made to perform this procedure, they are normally done in such a way that they are virtually invisible afterwards. If the incisions are noticeable in any way, they can also be treated by means of laser surgery.

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Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover

When people hear ‘Mommy Makeover’ they typically think liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, etc. These are great options and provide stunning, rejuvenating results. However, we understand that some busy moms are looking for a quick solution for aging better. At The Spiegel Center we offer non-surgical Mommy Makeover options in Boston. These include quick recovery techniques such as Botox injections, dermal fillers, fat freezing, IPL, laser, microneedling or Morpheus8. We also offer the Rapid Restore package which consists of a combination of several of the above procedures performed together in under 1 hour to help restore your beautiful self, fitting your busy schedule.


For the best Botox in Boston, TSC is the clear choice! Botulinum (often referred to as Botox) treatment can provide you with a natural, smooth look that lasts three months or longer. There are several newer botulinum options including Xeomin®, Dysport® and Jeuveau®. These newer products act like Botox® and are used to temporarily weaken facial muscles to reduce sagging skin and the appearance of mild to moderate lines and wrinkles on the face. Botulinum is often injected in the forehead, neck, nose, chin, and eye area to reduce common problems such as elevens (“11’s”), crows’ feet, sagging eye lids, forehead lines, neck bands, gummy smile, and so much more.

Dermal Filler / Facial Filler

Like Botox injections, the best facial fillers in Boston are at TSC! We carry all US FDA approved fillers such as Juvederm®, Revance® RHA, Restylane®, and Versa®, which are hyaluronic acid fillers, Radiesse®, a calcium-based filler and Sculptra®, a biostimulating filler. These dermal fillers work to enhance your features and restore your youthful beauty. Facial fillers replace volume loss in the temples, under the eyes, and in cheeks and nasolabial folds, and, of course, can add fullness to the lips. But, did you know that facial fillers correct nose deformities, fill in marionette lines, accentuate the chin, fill in deep lines, and improve acne scars? Even better, many of today’s fillers can last a year or more depending on the area injected. For the best and longest lasting results, many patients elect to have a “touch-up” treatment 6-8 months following their initial treatment to maintain their beautiful results with full correction even longer.

Fat Freezing

At The Spiegel Center we offer fat freezing, using an advanced and highly effective fat reduction system. In under an hour, our state of the art technology uses controlled gentle heating then rapid cooling the area to safely target and eliminate fat that has been resistant to diet and exercise. Stubborn belly fat, bat wings, bra fat, double chins, love handles, chunky thighs, and other problem spots can be frozen away. The results are noticeable and lasting, and often are evident within just two weeks! The secret is that fat cells are particularly susceptible to cold so you can see a 20% reduction in treated fat volume with each easy session. And, our advanced machine helps get more done as we can treat multiple areas simultaneously. Imagine, reducing your stomach and thighs at the same time! If you are looking for CoolSculpting™ in Boston, you should definitely look at our advanced technology, which we think works even better.


Are you wondering how to get rid of dark spots, age spots, and blotchy skin? Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment can reduce these signs of aging and stimulate collagen production. IPL treatments are gentle, quick, and effective to reduce brown spots, sun damage, adult acne and acne scaring, small facial veins and capillaries. It can also help fade unwanted freckles, clear redness, improve rosacea, and minimize the appearance of large pores. Getting rid of dark spots and age spots in Boston just got easier!


Laser hair reduction is the perfect alternative to shaving, bleaching, and waxing. This procedure uses a carefully tuned and intense beam of laser light to remove unwanted hair from different parts of the body, including the face, arms, legs, back, underarms, and bikini area. The treatment provides permanent reduction of unwanted hair. “Laser hair removal” in Boston at The Spiegel Center provides you with the sleekness you’ve been seeking. To get you the smoothest results, we have permanent hair removal with Electrolysis for light or stubborn hairs that can persist after laser treatment.


This quick procedure leaves your skin renewed by using a tool with many tiny needles that moves quickly over the skin stimulating skin rejuvenation. These tiny punctures tell your body to begin to heal, creating new collagen and new refreshed skin cells. Microneedling is a great option for anyone who has dull skin, acne scars, large pores, stretch marks, or other skin irregularities. This treatment will set the stage for brighter, smoother, and healthier skin! Come to The Spiegel Center for expert experience with microneedling in Boston.


Anybody looking for skin tightening and skin improvement is a great candidate for Morpheus 8 treatment. This skin treatment uses radiofrequency (RF) energy, a proven method to reduce wrinkles and rebuild collagen and restore youthful skin. Our Morphues8 treatments can improve skin tone and texture and tighten the skin. The RF energy heats the layers of the skin while the micro pins target the deeper layers so your skins building blocks will reorganize themselves in a natural anti-aging process. This quick procedure has nearly no downtime and can be used on any areas that can benefit from true skin renewal. Commonly treated areas include the face and neck, but it’s just as effective on the chest, knees, elbows, stomach, thighs, scars and stretchmarks. The Spiegel Center was one of the first places to offer Morpheus 8 treatments in Boston and consistently gets outstanding results.

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Mommy Makeover Contest

The Mommy makeover contest is a favorite at The Spiegel Center celebrating all mother. Each April, in the weeks before Mother’s Day, we invite the community to nominate a special mom to win our Rapid Restore Mommy Makeover package. Applicants send in a story and a photo of why your chosen mom deserve to feel even more beautiful. All entries are shared on our social media pages, and the audience votes for the winner. The story and picture with the most likes wins and is announced right before Mother’s Day. What a wonderful surprise for a deserving mother who gets to come to our offices and be treated like a queen! Since launching the Mommy Makeover contest in 2017 we’ve had moms entered into the competition by loving daughters, sons, husbands, friends, siblings, and more. We love sharing the amazing stories of motherhood and making a special someone feel their most beautiful.

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