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There are many reasons to remove an unwanted mole. Maybe it has changed shape, size, or color, or you just don’t like the way it looks? Dr. Spiegel has several unique ways to remove these unwanted growths, and leave you with a natural look without an unsightly scar; you don’t need to have a visible long line on your face. Dermatologists from around the country send their patients to Dr. Spiegel for the best results possible.

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I recently had to have a growth removed from my face and needed a plastic surgen. After calling a few others I finally settled on the Spiegel Center in Newton, and I’m so glad I did! The place is beautiful and clean and everyone couldn’t be friendlier, from Carly at the front desk to Carol who runs behind the scenes, also Kat and Alissa were especially nice as well. Dr. Spiegel did such a wonderful job on my face my friends compliment his work, and he is as nice as everyone else in the office. My overall experience and value is an easy 5 star and highly recommended!!



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