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What are tear troughs?

For many people, the earliest signs of aging appear directly below the eyes. Dark circles, sagging skin, and hollowing occur as the skin loses elasticity and volume loss progresses with aging. The unfortunate result is a more aged and tired appearance. Facial experts refer to this region as the “tear trough”, and it is one of the most challenging areas to rejuvenate.

Eyelid lift surgery is one option to combat the effects of aging in the tear trough, and sometimes Dr. Spiegel will reposition fat to fill in the area. However, there are other great options which do not require surgery or a week of recovery, while still providing the youthful and rested look that you desire. For example, you may also want to look into accutite treatment for under the eyes.

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What do I do about my saggy eyes?

Also called, Dermal Fillers, these products “fill in” the lost fat, tissue, and even bone that you lose during the aging process. Fillers usually last between 6-12 months (without touch up treatments) depending upon where they are put, but while we can’t promise this, in many patients we’ve seen tear trough fillers last several years with just one or two treatments. Restylane®, Versa®, and Juvederm ™ are just some of the many options that are available to you. These products are a form of hyaluronic acid, a material found naturally in your body. Hyaluronic acid gels bind to water molecules, helping your skin retain moisture and giving your skin a more supple, youthful, and beautiful look and feel.

What to expect

Tear trough injections are not painful. Some patients may feel a little anxious prior to the injection process. Our team will make sure you are as calm and comfortable as possible and you should be pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the process is. A small anesthetic injection (like the one you get at the dentist office) may be applied to help numb the area prior to the injection process. There may be some swelling under the eyes as well as some minor bruising, but these issues should subside over the next few days and can be covered up with makeup. We recommend that you rest following your treatment, but you should be able to resume most of your normal activities fairly quickly.

Lower Eyelid Filler

tear trough boston
Tear Trough Filler Before & After

Upper Eyelid Filler

tear trough boston
Upper Eyelid Filler Before & After

The expertise of The Spiegel Center

Tear trough hollowing can be treated by injections of hyaluronic acid fillers to restore lost volume and improve darkness and shadowing around the lower eyelids. This is an area where you really need to see an expert facial doctor because while the results are natural and beautiful in skilled hands, if done incorrectly or by a less experienced practitioner, an unnatural bulge or bluish skin color can result. Dr. Onir and Dr. Spiegel are recognized experts at facial injections including for complex regions such as the tear troughs. They have provide all of our patients with personalized care and natural-looking results for their tear trough treatments in Boston.

Cost and payment options

During your initial consultation at The Spiegel Center, Dr. Onir and Dr. Spiegel will take the time to answer any questions you may have and let you know what the expected cost of your tear trough treatment in Boston will be. Cost can vary based on a variety of factors such as the amount of product needed. Our team can also let you know about the payment options we offer including the financing options available to you.

Give yourself a fresh and youthful appearance today!

The experts at the Spiegel Center have been pioneers in facial analysis and have years of experience in the use of these products. Give us a call to schedule a consultation for your tear trough treatment in Boston.We will recommend the right product and placement to give you the fresh and rejuvenated look that you desire.

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Procedure: Tear Trough
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I had an amazing experience with Dr. Onir with fillers and Botox . I have seen her twice for tear trough filler that was very difficult to treat and Dr Onir did an amazing job and I’m so happy because I’m not so self conscious anymore . I’ve been to a few people and have had problems with puffiness under my eyes for months and had to get filler dissolved until now .

Dr. Onir has amazing expertise and skill and I am soooo happy I found the Spiegel Center.

I have also had fillers in my temples , cheeks and jowls as well as Botox . I am so happy with my results .

The search is over , I feel so confident going to Dr. Onir . Thankyou for making me look much more rested /youthful and looking still like myself .



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