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By now you know that the smartest medical scientists in the world are studying stem cells.

It is only a matter of time until their research leads to cures for problems (like cancer) that have perplexed the scientific community for centuries.

But, luckily for you, these intelligent people have already hit the bull’s-eye in regards to anti-aging skin care.


The most visible signs of aging—fine lines and wrinkles—can now be effectively eliminated using three (3) simple, easy to apply creams created by Defenage Skincare.

The creams come in a CLINICAL POWER TRIO KIT. They are so effective because they:

  • JUMP START DORMANT STEM CELLS—A special messenger peptide activates stems cells, and then helps them perform at a high level.
  • USE A CELL-BY-BELL APPROACH—Stem cells are the building blocks for everything in the body. Once activated, they correct visible signs of aging—one cell at a time.
  • IMPROVE OVERALL SKIN QUALITY—Natural ingredients work in conjunction with stem cells to help the skin repair and replenish itself.

As you can tell, this approach is far different than that of other products. Because the creams work at a fundamental level, they correct visible signs of aging rather than only “masking” them.

Dr. Spiegel is so fond of the creams because “They offer patients an effective scientific alternative to invasive procedures”. Based on his medical knowledge and clinical experience, he is certain that—when you use the creams—you can look forward to:

  • Radical age correction
  • Fast results (as early as 6 weeks)
  • Feeling more beautiful
  • Lots of compliments

If you’re ready to reap these (and other) great benefits, please feel free to stop by our office. We sell the CLINICAL POWER TRIO KIT and other Defenage Skincare products. When you make the decision to purchase—and use—the CLINICAL POWER TRIO KIT that Dr. Spiegel (and many more of the top plastic surgeons in the country) believe in, the only thing you will regret is that you didn’t try the products sooner.

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spiegel plastic surgery special

spiegel plastic surgery special

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