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If you want to get your breast implants removed, you’ll need a breast explant procedure. At The Spiegel Center, we provide safe and efficient breast explants to Boston patients and help them regain the natural state of their breasts.

What Is a Breast Explant?

Many women choose breast augmentation with implants to enhance the aesthetics of their breasts. In cases where women are no longer happy with their decision, a breast explant can be performed.

A breast explant (also called breast implant removal) is a cosmetic procedure used to remove breast implants from the body. The breast implants are carefully taken out, and the breasts are returned to a more natural appearance. In some cases, it may be necessary to pair explant surgery with a breast lift.

Is a Breast Explant Right for Me?

Patients who are unhappy with their breast implants are ideal candidates for breast explant procedures. People suffering from medical complications due to implant issues such as ruptured or deflated implants are the best candidates for a breast explant. Patients who are bothered by the appearance or feeling of their breast implants are also excellent candidates.

Your Breast Explant Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Spiegel will look over the records of your primary breast augmentation procedure. You will tell Dr. Spiegel about your goals for the explant procedure, and he will perform a comprehensive check-up. A suitable treatment plan will be created to help remove your breast implants and achieve the results you want.

If there are complications due to your breast implants, the breast explant procedure may be scheduled as soon as possible.

The Breast Explant Procedure

The duration of the breast explant procedure depends on the treatment plan and the condition of the implants and surrounding tissues. Anesthesia will be administered to start the procedure.

Incisions will then be made based on the treatment plan to access the breast implants. The incisions created for the primary breast augmentation will most likely be the ones used for explant surgery.

The breast implants and capsules will then be removed. Lastly, the incisions will be sutured closed.

The Recovery Process

After the breast explant surgery, the treated areas will be bandaged, and drains may be inserted to remove excess fluids. A surgical bra must be worn during the recovery process to support the healing tissues. The patient may need to hire a healthcare professional for the first few days.

The patient will be given specific instructions and medical prescriptions to help with the recovery. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor the progress of healing and prevent any complications. Complete healing may take several weeks or months.

How Much Does a Breast Explant Cost?

The cost of a breast explant procedure may vary depending on the treatment plan. We help our patients with financing through our partners Lending USA, Prosper Healthcare Lending, and CareCredit so the price of the operation will be affordable. If you are getting a breast explant procedure for medical purposes, your insurance provider may cover the cost of the surgery.

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