A new type of facial plastic surgery has made it’s way into the light of the cosmetic surgery industry and this type is referred to as “Facial Restoration”. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons it is viewed as a combination of re-constructive plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery combined into one. The difference between the two is that re-constructive surgery is usually required when an unwanted trauma has occurred leaving a disfigurement on the body and cosmetic plastic surgery is typically elective in order to enhance or rejuvenate certain facial features in order to bring back a youthful look.

“Members of the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons will examine the concept of “facial restoration,” which is the marriage cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, at the ASPS Plastic Surgery 2010 conference in Toronto. Surgeons are using cosmetic surgery techniques such as fat grafting, implants and soft tissue fillers combined with skeletal reconstruction to better treat victims of traumatic illness or injury.”

– American Society Of Plastic Surgeons

Many re-constructive patients want a bit more than just bringing the aesthetics of their face back to normal. What if they wanted a little bit more? This new form or cosmetic surgery practice has been introduced by the community in the sense that many patients who find themselves receiving cosmetic facial re-constructive surgery realize that it might be an opportune time for them to also receive that cosmetic procedure they have always wanted.