We get it. You’d love to go all the way and get the facelift, eyelid lift, browlift, or lip lift you’ve been dreaming about (and simulating in the mirror), but work, family, and other commitments keep getting in the way. Schools open again, the office expects you in person every week, Zoom is omnipresent, and masks are few and far between. You want to look better, but time is scarce again. What can you do if you don’t have time for surgery? There’s a lot.

Don’t like your nose? We might be able to make it look straighter, cuter, perkier, and even smaller right in the office without surgery. (The secret is in the careful placement of facial fillers.) At The Spiegel Center, we probably do more non-surgical rhinoplasties than anywhere else. We have innovated and improved upon the techniques to teach other injectors throughout the country how to approach non-surgical rhinoplasty and treat the nose with minimally invasive techniques scientifically and predictably. After all, artistry and science come together in plastic surgery. It’s clear that what truly distinguishes one office from another is the predictability and precision of the results. We at The Spiegel Center have been innovators in every aspect of facial surgery and Aesthetics perfecting and teaching others to get predictable beautiful results safely time after time. So, while a surgical rhinoplasty is a great procedure, if you don’t have time, a non-surgical rhinoplasty will get you a great result in minutes.

Feeling tired and looking old? Injectable neuromodulators (e.g. “Botox / Xeomin / Dysport/Jeuveau”) can raise your eyebrows, open your eyes, and erase wrinkles. But, as they say, the devil is in the details and we are all about details. Getting rid of wrinkles is half the battle, but it may not be all you need. For big beautiful eyes often, it’s about adding volume where there is hollowness. For example, we can inject hyaluronic acid fillers to your upper eyelid or your tear trough region, that groove under your eyes that creates a dark hollow. And, we have some other tricks up our sleeves. (This is especially impressive when we wear short sleeve scrub shirts!) For example, did you know that a subtle and subconscious sign of aging is hollowing in the temples? To treat this we will inject fillers in the temples to rejuvenate the eye region and bring your tissues up to where they once were. We’ve perfected the techniques to ensure the results are predictable, safe, beautiful, and natural. Gone are the days of a peanut face. As Dr. Onir often says, keep the curves for your body and your face full.

Once you’ve got the right shape to your face, with no more undesired hollowing or grooves, it’s time to brighten the skin. Perhaps you are starting to look like your grandparents with age spots and thinning skin? Besides walking ten miles through the snow to school, they never had all the advantages you do! We’ve got IPL, lasers, Morpheus 8 RF technology, and the latest pharmaceutical-grade skin care products to turn back the clock in very little time. And, these procedures typically have short recovery periods. How short? We’re talking hours, not days.

We’ve got skin tightening (Morpheus and lasers), skin brightening (IPL and cutting edge pharmaceutical grade skin care products), wrinkle relaxing (botulinum), face shaping (facial fillers), and instantaneous surgery-like results with liquid rhinoplasty. With each of these procedures, you can expect to come in, drive yourself home, and be ready for anything by the next day. And, we haven’t even touched upon procedures like buccal fat removal, cheek implants, and chin implants which are surgical procedures done through the inside of your mouth where you’ll look good quickly with no visible signs of surgery during the recovery period.

When you are short on time, you just need to make time for a visit to The Spiegel Center.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel
Dr. Jeffrey SpiegelWith special expertise in all aspects of facial plastic surgery, and a particular skill for revision surgery, it’s clear why Dr. Spiegel is one of the most celebrated facial plastic surgeons in the world. If you are seeking the best possible results, or have a uniquely challenging problem, you’ve found the right doctor. Learn more....

Dr. Onir L. Spiegel
Dr. Onir L. SpiegelDr. Onir (pronounced “oh-near”) has years of experience in facial aesthetics and treats some of the most recognizable and famous faces. Dr. Onir started her career in oral health, earning doctorate degrees from both New York University and Boston University. She has been the recipient of numerous awards for her cutting-edge medical research as well as her technical skills in dentistry. Learn more....