According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery nearly 75% off all surgeries performed in 2010 where non-surgical.  With Botox treatments being up by almost 50%.

“The increase in non-invasive procedures administered by facial plastic surgeons was seen across the spectrum of treatments with the greatest increase being poly-l-lactic acid (up 71 percent). Other increases include chemical peels (up 52 percent), hyaluronic acid (up 48%) and Botox® (up 45 percent.)”

The study also showed that potential patients are really starting to shop around before they chose to move forward with a cosmetic plastic surgeon.  Research amongst plastic surgery providers has become a very common practice. Everything from comfort level to price is a concern for surgeon research.

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“We are excited to see patients making educated choices. They are now open to newer, novel treatments and are making smart decisions that are tailored to their needs,” said Daniel Rousso, MD, President of the AAFPRS. “The overall rise in these procedures also shows that more patients are trusting their face to facial plastic surgeons who are trained and focus solely on the face and neck. Because of this, patients are seeing better outcomes.”

It is important for patients to find the right doctor or surgeon that meshes with their wants and needs. Any type of aesthetic procedures requires a certain sense of safety and stability that needs to exist on the side of the patient which sometimes requires a great deal of research.