1. The rumor about baby Botox is real! Those in the know start early and do less. Savvy and sophisticated women and men start with small dose botulinum treatments. Boutique medications like Jeuveau™, Xeomin™, Dysport™ and Botox™ can be precisely positioned to stop signs of aging without showing signs of treatment. Small moves now, can stop big issues later!
  2. “Micro fillers”. You don’t need a lot of filler because there is no big problem, right? Well, you’re constantly losing volume and the aging signs are worsening day by day. We place tiny amounts of filler into very particular places. The right fillers actually induce your body to keep it’s volume up naturally with regrowth of collagen and other materials. Our precise filler regimen placement under the eyes (what’s known as the tear troughs) and in the temple area is a powerful modality to keep you looking young. I often see young people come to my office saying they look tired even though they sleep plenty. The problem is that we are constantly fighting gravity, and we lose volume in the upper part of the face first. To overcome this you can use Hyaluronic fillers like Prollenium Versa™, Restylane Lyft™, Defyne™ and Refyne™, Juvederm Voluma™, Vollure™, Ultra™, and Ultra Plus™ to fill the volume loss in those areas. If you are farther along, you may want to consider other fillers, particularly for the temple areas. Radiesse™ and Sculptra™ are made of calcium and poly-l-lactic acid respectively, which can help with collagen stimulation.
  3. Starting early with collagen stimulation and anti-hyperpigmentation regimens, like intense pulsed light (IPL) is also important. We found that treatments like IPL performed even once a year help reduce active acne, hyperpigmentation, close large pores and skin tightening. Studies have shown that having IPL treatment even once a year for 7 years can make your skin look 10 years younger microscopically compared to those that didn’t.
  4. Last but not least, Microneedling and Morpheus 8™, (more advanced microneedling with radio-frequency energy) can help tremendously those that are battling acne scarring, early laxity, and signs of aging.

And now you have it! 4 ways to stay ahead of the game, look and feel young.

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