Combination therapies have become increasingly popular with patients seeking non-surgical comprehensive solutions for facial rejuvenation. One such combination that’s gaining popularity is the use of Morpheus8 Microneedling RF technology with other aesthetic procedures such as botulinum like Botox, Dysport, Daxxify, Jeuveau, and Xeomin and/or dermal fillers like Ca++ based Radiesse and hyaluronic acid fillers Prollenium Versa, RHA and Belotero. This holistic approach offers patients a synergistic treatment option that addresses multiple aspects of facial aging, ultimately leading to long-lasting results.

The concept of combination therapies in aesthetic medicine is not new, as Dr. Spiegel and others like Dr. Mauricio de Maio, Dr. Jason Emer, and Dr. Frederik Brandt, renowned dermatologists have long been exploring the idea of creating synergistic effects by combining different treatments. The specific use of Morpheus8, a fractional skin treatment that stimulates collagen production and remodels the dermal tissues, in combination with other aesthetic procedures like IPL, botulinum, and dermal filler is such a development providing skin tightening, brightening, undoing wrinkles, and replenishing volume. More on Morpheus 8 can be found at

This approach has gained traction as advancements in technology and scientific research have allowed for a deeper understanding of the aging process and the mechanisms by which different treatments can work together to combat it.

The impact of combining Morpheus8 with other aesthetic procedures has been significant, as it offers patients a more holistic approach to facial rejuvenation. By addressing multiple aspects of aging skin, including volume loss, wrinkles, and skin laxity, this combination therapy can yield more comprehensive and natural-looking results. Patients benefit from the synergistic effects of different treatments, which ultimately leads to enhanced patient satisfaction and improved outcomes. Dr. Onir says, "By incorporating combination therapies such as Morpheus8 with other aesthetic procedures we are able to offer a more personalized and tailored approach to addressing the diverse needs of their patients." For people with darker skin who cannot use lasers and IPL on their skin, we're now able to utilize Morpheus 8 and bring them those great skin tightening results that were only available till now for light-skinned individuals." She expands "Morpheus 8 has become such an integral part of tightening the skin, that I now offer it routinely as part of non-surgical rhinoplasties where people are seeking to narrow the altars of the nose." Here again, is a perfect example of combination therapy using fillers to enhance the ridge of the nose with Morpheus 8 to narrow the nose nostrils.

When performed by experienced and knowledgeable practitioners, the synergistic effects of different treatments can lead to more comprehensive and natural-looking results. The holistic approach to facial rejuvenation addresses multiple aspects of aging skin, ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction and improving outcomes. Moreover, the personalized and tailored nature of combination therapies allows practitioners to meet the diverse needs of their patients more effectively. Although there are potential risks and complications associated with this approach, these can be mitigated through proper training, expertise, and adherence to best practices.

The field of combination therapies, particularly in the context of Morpheus8 with other aesthetic procedures, is likely to see further advancements and developments in the coming years. With ongoing research and technological innovations, the understanding of how different treatments can work synergistically to address facial aging will continue to evolve. New protocols and treatment combinations may emerge, offering patients even more comprehensive and personalized solutions for facial rejuvenation. Additionally, advancements in training and education for practitioners will contribute to the safe and effective integration of combination therapies into aesthetic medicine practices.

At The Spiegel Center, we are already seeing the future with the combination therapy of Ellacor with Morpheus 8. Here, hollow needles that are less than 0.5mm wide are used to remove skin. The combination of Morpheus 8 solid needles delivering RF energy and Ellacor hollow needles removing skin trigger the skin’s natural healing process like nothing before it. The breakthrough technology of Ellacor micro coring allows the skin to repair itself naturally without visible scarring by producing new collagen over three to six months, resulting in a fresh-faced appearance. For more on Ellacor please visit

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Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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Dr. Onir L. Spiegel

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Dr. Jacob Tower

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