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7 predictions for Plastic Surgery in 2023

2022 saw many developments and trends in plastic surgery, but what’s going to be hot in Plastic surgery for the coming year? The experts and innovators at The Spiegel Center weigh in. Here are the top seven predictions for the coming year: 1. Butts get more sculpted, not just large. The BBL trend will start […]

What’s Trending in Plastic Surgery – Summer 2020

Dr. Spiegel and Dr. Onir

Not even Nostradamus could have predicted a year like 2020! Nearly all aspects of life have been shaken up including how we shop, how we socialize, where we work, and what we wear. Of course, these changes are leading people to reevaluate what’s important to them and across the country plastic surgery has surged in […]

3D Printing Now Entering the Plastic Surgery Industry

3d printed hand

Regardless of whether a patient is undergoing plastic surgery because they want to make cosmetic enhancements or they require it for reconstructive purposes, the decision remains difficult and personal – they want to know if they will still look like themselves afterwards. Until now, this has always been a risk, but thanks to 3D print […]

Hiding Your Plastic Surgery Will Most Likely Stop with Millennials

Group of people jumping

The millennials. Generation Y. Those who are currently anywhere from 18 to 34 years old. These are the people who are dubbed the kings and queens of social media. They share new experiences, their lunches, their photos at parties, and just about anything imaginable – and chances are good they’ll also share their plastic surgery […]

How Has Plastic Surgery Evolved to where it is Today?

Ancient writing next to a sword

“How has plastic surgery evolved to where it is today?”—that’s a great question. If you’re interested in plastic surgery, you want to know as much about it as possible. Plastic surgery isn’t as new as you might think. The first plastic surgery procedures were performed hundreds of years ago in ancient Egypt and India. Here’s […]

A Breakdown of the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures by State

US Map

The American Society for plastic surgeons reports that almost 16 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in the United States in 2015. The most popular of which was breast augmentation, which isn’t surprising. However, what is surprising is the breakdown of the most popular plastic surgery procedures by region. There’s distinct differences in the four […]

UK Government Cracking Down on Shady Plastic Surgeons

Tired doctor rubbing eyes

Turns out there’s a plastic surgery problem in the United Kingdom. A big one. Luckily, the government is cracking down on it. Here’s what happened: After thousands of breast augmentation patients received implants with industrial rather than medical grade silicone, the government enlisted the help of an independent investigator. The results of his report were […]

Plastic Surgery Myths you Should Definitely Ignore

Myth or fact

Unfortunately, there are myths that can potentially scare you away from plastic surgery. In this article, we’ll identify and dispel some of them. Five myths that should never scare you away from plastic surgery are: You Don’t Need a Board Certified Surgeon Plastic surgery programs are highly selective in regards to admission. As a result, […]

What’s the Difference Between Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery?

Woman getting forehead touched

Patients interested in altering their physical appearance always ask the question “what’s the difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery?” It’s an honest one. The two can be quite confusing, especially when you’re just starting to entertain the idea. To make things easy on you, we’ll use this post to define, discuss, and differentiate the two. […]

Real Ways to Make Plastic Surgery More Affordable

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Unfortunately, the word “savings” is irresponsibly used when referring to plastic surgery costs. Plastic surgery isn’t a pair of tennis shoes or a car that you can get a sweet deal on. It’s an important life changing decision that should be made carefully. With that being said, money definitely needs to be taken into account […]

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