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7 Important Things to Know About Gender Confirmation Surgery

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Across the country, there’s greater visibility of the transgender community than ever before—but that comes alongside alarmingly high rates of violence perpetrated against trans men and women, especially those of color. Society has a long way to go in terms of creating a safe, accepting environment, but there are rays of hope: growing destigmatization of […]

Voice Feminization Surgery (VFS)

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For more than 25 years I’ve been doing voice surgery. I was very fortunate to train in San Francisco with Dr Herbert Dedo, one of the world’s foremost laryngologists. Many of the basic pieces of equipment used in voice surgery are named after him. In fact, the key device often used in voice feminization surgery […]

Facial Feminization Surgery vs. liquid Facial Feminization 

Liquid FFS before and after

Facial feminization involves changing the shape of the face to achieve the right contours, light reflections, and shadows in order to create a beautiful woman’s face.  ​Facial Feminization is a constellation of procedures to help one look more feminine, youthful, and attractive.  The precise procedures selected will depend upon your goals and needs.   By injecting precise […]

Do You Need X-rays before Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)?

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Do you need X-rays or a CT scan (Cat Scan) before facial bone contouring? The answer may surprise you. The truth is that in most cases you do not! Now you may say, “It’s bone surgery. Don’t you need to see where the sinus is? Don’t you need to see my anatomy?” Well, we can […]

The Power of our Voices – Voice Feminization Surgery

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The Power of our Voices – Voice Feminization Surgery It has been said that the tongue can paint what the eyes cannot see.  This beautiful expression succinctly conveys the power of our voices.  With our voices we communicate, alert, share, query, express, and emote.  We can sing songs and spin tales.   But, the stories we tell involve much […]

Dr. Spiegel Discusses Rhinoplasty’s for Transgender Women on The JAMA Network

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Gigi Gorgeous – Dr. Spiegel Patient Video Discusses Her Experience at Advanced Facial Aesthetics

Patient experience video with Gigi

Dr. Spiegel had the pleasure of working with Gigi in early 2014. Dr. Spiegel performed forehead contouring surgery with a brow lift and scalp advancement. A rhinoplasty and chin shaping were also performed. Gigi agreed to discuss her experience with Dr. Spiegel and facial feminization surgery doing a visit roughly 5 months after surgery. She’s […]

One of Our Happy FFS Patients Before & After Videos

FFS patient video

One of our happy FFS patients recently created a before & after video. Enjoy!

What is a Trachea Shave Procedure?

Dr. Spiegel

A trachea shave procedure is known in the medical community as a chondrolaryngoplasty. During this surgery, the patient’s Adam’s apple is reduced in size by shaving down the thyroid cartilage. This procedure may be performed on patients who are self-conscious about the size of their Adam’s apple or on transgender women who are looking for […]

A New Loosely Based Transgender Cartoon Make it to Prime Time

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Having a special item that turns a regular person into a superhero has been a part of comics, movies and television shows. With SheZow, the new cartoon on The Hub network, there is a new twist to the old way of getting super powers. The Show SheZow is about a young boy named Guy, who […]