Many people do not realize but Botox injections have many other medical benefits other than just aesthetic facial plastic surgery. People who suffer from a variety of non life threatening medical conditions do often times opt-in for Botox treatments in order to help resolve a certain bodily issue that might be plaguing them for years. Lets go over some of the other areas that Botox has been know to help others other than reducing wrinkles in the face.

Botox Treatments For Migraine Headaches

In the early 90’s doctors discovered that patients using Botox in their forehead suddenly found themselves headache free, or at least the pain was masked or blocked. Patients that complained about chronic headaches for years soon found themselves painless. Soon there after clinical trials emerged and the theory was proven true. Headache treatments using Botox quickly became a treatment of choice for headache stricken patients.

Botox Treatments For Excessive Sweating

Some people suffer from an excessive sweating problem known as hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating can lead to a variety of problems for individuals and Botox works in the sense that it blocks chemical signals sent from the nerves that control a persons bodily sweating. The glands are blocked from the signal sent thus reducing the amount of sweat the glands will produce in a humans body.

Muscle Spasms & Botox Solutions

The Botox treatment really emerged from a muscle spams treatment in the eye because it was carefully able to relax the muscle a bit and stop it from twitching. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s the FDA gave Botox a thumbs up to be able to be used from a cosmetic surgery standpoint. Some people suffer from a serious case of blepharospasm which is when the muscles around the eye twitch almost uncontrollably.

Botox was originally tested for a variety of other medical conditions before it found its way into the facial cosmetic surgery limelight. Over the years many patients have been able to really benefit from some of the other advantages Botox has been able to offer. Botox has become an all around solution to treat a variety of different conditions a person endures.

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