Most people know the Where’s Waldo books, by Martin Handford. (They are called Where’s Wally in the United Kingdom where they were originally published.) In these books, you look at a very detailed and rich picture and are challenged to find Waldo somewhere in the drawing. Waldo is not hidden, but there is a lot going on so it takes a while to find him. Of course, once you’ve found Waldo, you know where he is and will readily find him the next time you go to that same page.

Imagine how hard it would be to find Waldo if you didn’t know the purpose of the page was to find him and you didn’t know what he looked like or where he was! It would be very difficult. But, again, once someone showed him to you it would seem obvious where he was and you could find him readily.

Now, let’s discuss scars. When you have surgery there is usually an incision somewhere, and that incision will heal with a scar. Scars are a problem when they are obviously visible. But, what is obviously visible? Waldo is obviously visible on each page of the Where’s Waldo book once you know he is there and where to look for him.

It’s the same with scars. You’ll be able to spot your scars because you know where they are and where to look for them. And, once you show them to a friend, they’ll see them too. But, if they didn’t know to look for the scar, they probably wouldn’t have spotted them in the first place.

Over time, you’ll recognize that your scars are fading and becoming less and less noticeable. Eventually, even you’ll have to try to remember where your scars are and you won’t spot them without a careful search.

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