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Do your ears stick out too far? Do they lack the delicate detail – the peaks, valleys, and curves – that they should have? You can try to hide your ears with long hair, a scarf, or a hat, but why limit yourself in this way when ear reshaping (otoplasty) is readily available?

If an ear reshaping procedure is right for you, we will discuss in detail what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Typically, the ears can be repositioned through small hidden incisions (in creases behind the ear). It doesn’t take long to improve your image and appearance.

The procedure itself consists of making a small incision at the back of the ear, sculpting the cartilage, and then using stitches to help maintain the ear’s new shape. Dr. Spiegel typically performs the procedure right in the office. You are usually given local anesthesia and are able to return home that same day.

You will need to wear a soft bandage around your head to help protect the restored shape of your ears while they heal. Discomfort is minimal and of course, pain medication can easily control any discomfort you may experience. We’ll replace the bandages with lighter ones within a few days and remove the stitches after one week.
Most patients can return to their regular routine at this time. I urge patients to avoid strenuous activity in which the ear might get bent for at least a month. A faint scar behind the ear is difficult to see, but visible after the procedure. This will fade over time.

The aim of the procedure is not to radically change how you look, but by reshaping your ears, we will improve your overall appearance. People will see you and ask “have you lost weight?” or “did you buy new clothes?” because their perception is that you look happier and better. Our goal is to work with your natural look and help you to be your best.

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