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Do you have excess fat under your chin? Do you wish you could improve your profile without surgery? Well, we have the solution for you!

The Spiegel Center was of very first practices to offer Kybella, an injectable solution that targets and removes chin and neck fat! The procedure takes only a few minutes in our comfortable office and you can return back to your regular life activities immediately following your visit!

The active ingredient naturally helps dissolve fat. Upon injection, the medicine attacks the fat to break it up and the body then absorbs and flushes the fat away. Some swelling may be noticeable for a few days following the treatment but should resolve quickly and the procedure result becomes noticeable after just a few weeks! The number of treatments you need depends upon how much fat you want to eliminate. This is a great nonsurgical office-based way to reduce stubborn fat pockets under your neck, those annoying bra fat bulges, and more.

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