I didn’t know you could do that!

What’s the most important part of your face for looking good? Why do some people “luck out” and get cute dimples? “I’ve got white teeth, but still don’t love my smile!” “I’m embarrassed by an oversized Adam’s apple.” “My hairline is too high, I always wear bangs.” “I’ve always wanted to…”

When you take artistic, innovative, skilled doctors and they spend more than 20 years devoting all their time thinking about the face, incredible things can happen. Dr. Spiegel has innovated, developed, or popularized some of the most revolutionary procedures to help you realize all of your dreams.

Yes, we can create dimples!
Yes, we can reduce a visible Adam’s apple!
Yes, we can get you a beautiful smile and incredible lips!
Yes, we can shape your head to give you a beautiful, balanced, friendly appearance.
Yes, we can change your hairline.
Yes, probably yes, we can do it. Let’s talk.

Take a look at all that we can do. And, if it’s not listed, just ask!

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