AccuTite is the smallest, most precise minimally invasive radiofrequency skin treatment available. AccuTite delivers exact heating to small and delicate areas of the face and body, using advanced technology to permit maximum skin contraction and improvement with incredible safety. With AccuTite Dr. Spiegel is able to apply focal radiofrequency contraction, getting surgery-like results without an incision, excision, stitches, or scars, and in most cases performed right in-office.

Monolid/ Double Eyelid Surgery

K-Pop, V-line, A-line, or just jaw surgery. Whatever you call it, the results are dramatic! Mandible (jaw) contouring is an extremely popular procedure in Asian countries and in the Asian community worldwide as many find it desirable to have a narrow jaw line. Dr. Spiegel performs this surgery about 2-3 times every week! The names “V-line” or “A-line” surgery refer to the streamlined look the procedures can provide – a seamless, smooth “v” at the bottom on the face. This procedure achieved particular popularity in Korean and is sometimes referred to as “K-Pop” surgery since the results mimic those of well-known Korean pop music stars


One of our most popular procedures! “Blepharoplasty” removes the excess fat and skin of the upper or lower eyelids and eliminates that “tired” look. You’ll look and feel brighter, younger, and more energetic. Results are very natural looking; people will only notice how beautiful your eyes look!

Procedure time:* 1-2 hours and can be done right in our office.
Downtime:* 7-10 days.


Botox Cosmetic™, Dysport™ and Xeomin™ are among the world’s most popular cosmetic treatments, and for good reason, they work! Relax the “dynamic” wrinkles of your face caused by muscle movements around the eyes, eyebrows, chin, and forehead. Look and feel more attractive, confident, capable, and friendly for months at a time. These medications can also be used to treat TMJ, gummy smile, migraine headaches, a wide square jaw, some neck wrinkles, underarm or hand sweating, and more! Did you know that Dr. Spiegel did some of the primary research that has taught physicians worldwide how to safely and effectively use BOTOX®?

Brow Lift

If your eyebrows are flattened or low they can make your face look older and less attractive. This procedure restores a natural appearance to the eyebrows, helps correct tired eyes, and softens forehead wrinkles. In some cases this procedure is done “endoscopically”, with small hidden incisions. This is a quick procedure with big results!

Procedure time:* 1 hour.
Downtime:* one week.

Non-Surgical Browlift

A non-surgical brow lift is an excellent option for people who have noticeably loose skin and wrinkles around their brow, forehead, and eyes. It is ideal for addressing issues that may not be severe enough to require surgery.

Tear Trough / Eye Area Rejuvenation

For many people, the earliest signs of aging appear directly below the eyes. Dark circles, sagging skin, and hollowing occur as the skin loses elasticity and volume loss progresses with aging. The unfortunate result is a more aged and tired appearance. Facial experts refer to this region as the “tear trough”, and it is one of the most challenging areas to rejuvenate.