Patient Testimonials: Cheek & Chin

RealSelf Procedure: Chin Augmentation Source: RealSelf, Matt Meredith, 11/30/21
Dr. Spiegel is very knowledgeable and experienced. He was very professional and really spends the time to listen to his patients. Very meticulous office, and surgery was timely and proficient! Also, most importantly, AMAZING Outcome!!! I am so pleased that I treated by him. Great job!!.... And supporting staff were professional, courteous and were extremely helpful! Thank you to Uzman, medical assistants and office personnel. I will definitely be back soon!!! Read review on
RealSelf Procedure: Chin Augmentation Source: RealSelf (Jordrewmanblue) - 27 Aug 2020
Wonderful Doctor!!! Wonderful experience all the way through. Words will not be enough to show my gratitude for Dr. Spiegel. I have had the privilege of using Dr. Spiegel multiple times in the past and once again during this cheek augmentation procedure he absolutely did not disappoint. He again was extremely patient during our consultation process, making sure to take plenty of time answering all my questions and concerns. Eleanor Partee was great as well, coordinating everything even during this difficult time due to the Covid19 pandemic. She had great communication and we were able to make everything come together. During the day of the procedure again everything went smoothly, the recovery went exactly as Dr. Spiegel had anticipated it would for me, and best of all the results look fantastic. You know you have great results when people, especially those close to you, know you look better but cannot explain why! Sincerely my thanks go out to the entire Spiegel Team Read review on
RealSelf Procedure: Chin Augmentation Source: RealSelf
Dr. Spiegel did an amazing job! I’m 12 days post op and back in the office. His staff is very helpful. I started with a Skype consultation about 3 months ago. I told him what I want to have done and asked if that made sense. He agreed with me and answered all of my questions I asked. His office sent me everything I need to know and do pre op and post op. I followed their instructions precisely. I had three procedures done. I ultimately chose this doctor because he has the best reputation for what I wanted to have done.The biggest surprise is my chin implant. I love it! People say the chin implant can have the most complications post surgery. My new chin feels fine and looks great. I did keep my wrap tight around my chin and head. I also made sure I did not sleep on my sides. I wore that wrap 24/7 other than when I showered or took pictures. My lip lift came out perfect. My trachea shave was done well. The swelling is still going down. My voice is almost back to normal. I have pics before surgery with and without makeup and pics after surgery without and with makeup. I’m writting this 12 days post op and will post new pics in two more months. Read review on
RealSelf Procedure: Cheek Augmentation Source:
The Doctor, explained procedure prior to the surgery date with consult shown three sizes of cheek implant small, for subdued look medium for subdued yet dramatic appeal if cheeks accented with make up contouring or large/xlarge for an over accented look example for individual who needs to be overly expressional for any variable lifestyle purpose. For this writer client I want with medium for image and purposes of the fine arts being able to play both male and female. I may eventually ask for contouring of the chin for a fined look. Read review on RealSelf
RealSelf Procedure: Cheek Augmentation Source:
I had forehead reduction, cheek implants, lip lift, neck lift, trach shave, and rhinoplasty. I love the cheek implants the most and I went with the larger ones. They are extremely feminizing, especially when I smile. I think if I was going to do just one thing I would have done the forehead though, it is just so masculinizing. The lip lift and rhinoplasty I think really complete the whole package, but I probably would have been fine without them. I am still really happy I got them though and would definitely get all the same procedures if I was to do it again. I may have even got a few more like a jaw shaving or something. However I am very happy going with Dr. Spiegal's recommendation. The necklift I got was mainly because I have what I like to call a "fish neck", this isn't really a masculinizing feature but I have hated it all my life. It is very nice to have a chin now. Read review on RealSelf
RealSelf Procedure: Chin Augmentation Source: RealSelf
Dr Spiegel is an amazing surgeon, i am thrilled to see result after my procedure, (Mandible contouring) couldn't be happier, Carole was absolutely helpful and made me feel very comfortable. She was also very reassuring so I'm definitely going to come in for next procedure soon! Can't wait :)) love this place. Read review on
Vitals Procedure: Cheek Augmentation Source:
I am a 50 yo male who had cheek implants several years ago to address lost volume mid-face. My original procedure was done in a different state by a different doctor. Several months after moving to Boston, I began to get chronic implant infections and one implant even shifted and moved close to my eye. Obviously, I was anxious to find the best doctor to navigate my immediate medical needs, but also someone with deep experience with cosmetic procedures, particularly with men. After online research and consultation with another medical professional, I found my way to the Spiegel Center. My experience throughout the consultation process, preparing for surgery, actual implant removal, and recovery has been nothing but positive. I am very grateful to Dr. Spiegel and staff at the Spiegel Center for their expertise, professionalism, and genuine concern. Read review on Vitals

RealSelf Procedure: Chin Implant Source: RealSelf, (summerrose11222) - 7 Apr 2022
Overall, I have had a wonderful experience with the Spiegel Center. From the first consultation, I felt very comfortable and heard. I expressed what my insecurities and goals were and together with Dr. Spiegel and his team, we were able to eventually figure out the best plan. Dr. Spiegel and his team are very understanding and willing to listen to every wish and concern. I am only 1 week post op, but have already met with Dr. Spiegel twice and he was very pleased with the healing so far. Still have a way to go, but I am optimistic and feel very assured that the end result will be what I am looking forward to. I can not speak more highly of my patient coordinator, Uzma. From the second I met her, she made me feel at peace and continued to do so throughout the entire process. She is so responsive and truly cares about her patients. Such a kind, warm soul and adds such value to the entire experience overall. Read review on
RealSelf Procedure: Chin Implant Source: lynnem67 - 3/21/2022
Supportive Mother Thrilled with Results Never written a review in my life, but I am honored and compelled to write one now. I have a handsome 23 year old son inside and out. However, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are if you don’t believe it. My son was very disturbed with his hair loss, the shape of his chin, and the excess fat on his jaw - disturbed so much that it negatively effected all aspects of his life. When he first mentioned plastic surgery, I was hesitant. I told him to find the best doctor, and return with some information. He did so, and I was amazed with Dr. Spiegel’s credentials and accomplishments in the art of plastic surgery. Initially we decided on a hair transplant and a chin implant to aesthetically balance his silhouette. However, with an impressive change of heart minutes after the transplant, Dr. Spiegel graciously told us that he would not do the chin implant because my son would not receive the results he wanted with just that. I was stunned by this show of integrity and honesty. As it turns out, my son is now healing beautifully from a neck lift with chin implant. The results are like watching a fairytale come to life while a seamless transformation takes place both inside and out. Heartfelt thanks are also extended to Carole, who professionally, lovingly, and instinctually remained just a phone call or text away. I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Spiegel and his practice. If you or anyone you know is thinking about getting any work done I would recommend Dr. Spiegel in a heart beat. Read review on
RealSelf Procedure: Chin Implant Source: Trustworthy8897 - 27 Jul 2020
Couldn't Be Happier with my Results! I overall had an incredible 10/10 experience with Dr. Spiegel! I am a healthy 24 year old woman who has suffered from a weak chin and un-balanced side profile my entire life due to genetics. For as long as I can remember, I have felt insecure and knew a chin implant was something I wanted to do for myself so I could feel less insecure and more confident. I had spent the last year prior researching plastic surgeons in the Boston area. I had gone to two consultations with other plastic surgeons before meeting Dr. Spiegel and making my decision to move forward. Immediately, I was put at ease and knew I was in good hands. I explained to Dr. Spiegel what I was looking to accomplish and he recommended a chin implant accompanied with "NeckTite" (essentially a modern day lipo). He explained the procedure in depth and showed me other patients with similar profiles to show me how he could improve and create a more defined jaw line. Even though, a chin implant is something Dr. Spiegel could have easily done in office for me, I felt more comfortable going under general anesthesia. His team was very accommodating and understanding of my nerves and anxiety. I had originally booked my procedure for the end of April but due to Covid-19, my procedure was re-scheduled forJuly 2020. The procedure was easy and his surgical staff was wonderful. I was in and out in about 3hrs. The actual procedure took only about 45 min. In addition, Dr. Spiegel customized the implant to better fit and frame my face. Overall, I was in minimal pain, it was more awkward and uncomfortable than anything else for the first couple days because I was still very numb and had to sleep elevated on my back to keep swelling down. I kept to a very simple soft diet as I had stitches in my lower bottom lip. I used pain medication for the first 24 hrs and then switched over to extra strength Tylenol along with antibiotics. On the 3rd day, I removed my bandages to see the results for the first time. I was ecstatic! I ACTUALLY had a jawline and a MUCH more balanced profile. I couldn't be happier with the results and can't say enough positive things. It was completely worth every penny, the wait, EVERYTHING. I am currently just under 4 weeks out post op and a majority of the swelling has gone down and I have re-gained almost all of my feeling in my chin and lower lip as by body had adjusted. The remaining swelling is only noticeable to me at this point and each day I improve significantly. I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Spiegel and his practice. If you or anyone you know is thinking about getting any work done I would recommend Dr. Spiegel in a heart beat. Read review on

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