Patient Testimonials: Hands, Leg and Body

RealSelf Procedure: BodyTite & Buccal Fat Removal Source: RealSelf, A.A, Immediate results after BodyTite on stomach & flanks & buccal fat removal When I went to the Spiegel Center I was unsure about going through with the procedures I had which included buccal fat removal as well as bodytite on my stomach and flanks. I am so happy I decided to go through with both procedure and the results were immediately noticeable and continue to improve. The staff answered all of my questions and were very attentive. Read review on RealSelf
Google Procedure: BodyTite Source:Alexis Baird, Google, 7/26/2022 Everyone at the Spiegel Center is very professional and courteous. Dr. Spiegel is amazing at what he does and makes you feel comfortable right away. The bodytite procedure was unbelievable and I'm so glad I decided to do it!! Read review on Google Procedure: Bodytite Source:, zelk, 4/8/22 Dr Spiegal and his staff (Uzma, Carol) are always professional, very patient and willing to answer endless questions so you are completely comfortable with the process. The results are always measured against the high standards that Dr Spiegal holds his work to. I wouldn’t go anywhere else when considering any procedure to enhance or maintain my appearance. Read review on
Google Procedure: Bodytite Source: Amy Prince 2/10/2021 Did body tite on upper arms. Easy recovery and even better results than I had hoped for. Read review on Google
RealSelf Procedure: Breast Augmentation Source: Google I’m an older trans woman who is just three weeks post my fourth procedure with the lovely folks at the Spiegel Center and am happy with the results, as always! Yes, four procedures (to be accurate, four surgeries, with multiple procedures during each of the surgeries) - I've had mandible contouring, lip lift, brow lift, lower eye lift in the first surgery; deep plane face lift in the second, hair grafting in the third, and breast augmentation and vocal feminization in the fourth. I originally consulted with Dr Spiegel to see if he could improve on a facial feminization surgery I had 21 years ago - and he deftly met the challenge! I am very happy with the results in my face and now my voice, as well as the nice increase in my breast size (and beauty) courtesy of Dr Spiegel’s colleague, Dr Shektman! But that’s not all! I also had skin rejuvenation with Dr Onir at the Spiegel Center - IPL and Facial Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling (Morpheus8). The results have been quite pleasing, and am happy to have met and been under the able care of Dr Onir. So you could say i am a Spiegel fan, and i am a discerning consumer, and have done my research. Dr Spiegel and his colleagues are the best! i have experienced no complications with any of my procedures, much less discomfort that I had been expecting, especially with the extended deep plane facelift. The concern shown by staff at the Spiegel Center has also been warm and affirming each time, and the medical staff at the attached Newton Surgery Center are also fabulous. I also want to make special mention of the Spiegel Center’s newest member, Juliana Wall, who is their Transition Counselor, the first such position at a plastic surgery center in the US. She is so warm, friendly, and knowledgeable, and as a trans woman herself, speaks with personal experience. I love Juliana! You won’t be disappointed if you are a trans woman and receive feminizing procedures at the Spiegel Center!
RealSelf Procedure: Breast Augmentation Source: Google I've recently had three procedures at the Spiegel Center and couldn't be happier with the results. I had breast augmentation with Dr. Shektman and I'm incredibly happy with the results and my new look..I also had VFS(voice feminization and a tracheal reduction procedure with Dr. Spiegel. I can't thank Dr. Spiegel enough for the incredible improvement in my voice- For the first time in my life, I have a voice I feel matches who I am and one I'm comfortable projecting and hearing. I'd also like to give a shout out to the office staff at the Spiegel Center, especially Eleanor(the patient coordinator) and to Faith and the other medical assistants, all of whom went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. If you're looking to enhance or bring out the real you, I highly recommend the Spiegel Center. Chances are, they have just the procedure you've been looking for.
Google Procedure: Breast Augmentation Source: Anna Schell, Google, 3/20/2021 The entire staff here has been just amazing. From the first consultation until my latest (but certainly not last) procedure, I've been treated with respect, kindness, and the utmost care. Dr. Spiegel knew exactly what my facial feminization surgery should entail, and never pressured me for anything more than what was necessary. He put me at ease, and his expertise gave me the features I've been dreaming of. Dr. Shektman's breast augmentation also turned out perfect. I love my new figure! Dr. Onir is amazing - she provided excellent care when I went in for botox, and I'll be returning for filler very soon. Eleanor (my patient coordinator) and the rest of the staff have been incredible. Whether it's answering my endless questions, working around my scheduling, or just reassurance, the staff here has provided excellent service and care. I'll be doing all my future procedures here, without a doubt. EDIT: 6 Months later: It's been six months, and the results continue to get better and better! Everything has healed wonderfully, and I was almost shocked when seeing an older picture of myself the other day. I feel great - all of the pain and numbness have totally subsided, and the transformation continually blows me away. I would recommend anyone considering Facial Feminization Surgery to consult with Dr. Spiegel. Read review on Google
Google review Procedure: Fat Freezing/ Body Contouring Source: Google, Daniel Zucher 11/1/2022 I recently received a non-surgical rhinoplasty and botox with Onir a few weeks ago and I've been ecstatic with the results. She and the rest of the staff at the clinic made each experience a breeze and answered all my questions and concerns well. It was my first time doing a cosmetic procedure and they made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. The results look natural, and I've never been happier with my nose. Today, I went and had the first of my CoolSculpting sessions and had yet another pleasant experience. I am looking forward to my next experience with The Spiegel Center! Read review on Google Procedure: Fat Freezing/ Body Contouring Source: I usually visit the Spiegel Center for Botox with Dr. Onir and also laser hair removal. I recently decided that I wanted to try fat freezing. Like many women, I hold excess fat in my lower abdomen. It has been there my whole life, but became more noticeable after having kids. It seemed that no matter how much weight I lost I still had this protruding belly! I was nervous the day of my first treatment. Mostly scared that it would hurt or be uncomfortable, but also that it wouldn’t work. Dr. Onir explained what the procedure would feel like and made me feel at ease. She also explained that while the procedure is effective, it could take several treatments in the lower belly area as it is a difficult spot, particularly for women. Once the device was attached, there was a strong suction as the fat squeezed up in the machine. There was heat at first that eventually turned cold. It felt strange, but not painful. It was not difficult to sit through the 45 minute session. Uzma, the Aesthetics Care Coordinator, checked in with me several times and continued to make sure that I was comfortable. Post treatment there was a little soreness, but nothing exceptional. No need for Tylenol or pain killers. In a couple of weeks I noticed that my pants were just slightly easier to button, so definitely a positive sign. I have two additional treatments scheduled and I’m looking forward to seeing the results in a month or two. Read review on
Google Procedure: Hair Reduction Source: Google, Violet Jacques, 12/8/2021 i got electrolysis in prep for gcs and my electrologist aisha was very kind and worked efficiently. id definitely recommend getting injections if you can afford it , the administration of which, while painful, was speedy abd handled with care and kindness. Read review on Google Procedure: Hair Reduction Source:, Laura6775, 12/2/21 I visited the Spiegel Center for electrolysis after other electrolysis options were not viable due to the intense pain. I was blown away by the professionalism and efficacy of the staff. Dr. Onir did an excellent job injecting to prevent pain and Aisha, my technician, worked quickly and effectively and did everything possible to make me feel comfortable. In just a few sessions the results were excellent and I was happy to return. I highly recommend Aisha and the Spiegel Center to anyone considering electrolysis for permanent hair removal. Read review on
Google Procedure: Hair Reduction Source: Google I can’t say enough about the staff at Dr. Spiegel’s office. Taylor has been by my side since I booked my first consultation and proven to be a diligent and attentive patient care coordinator. Kayla has completely changed my skin. I have never felt so confident. I went from just trying facials (which are by far the most healing and soothing I have ever had) to laser hair removal and microneedling treatments. I’ve been very impressed with my results and can’t wait to go back! Read review on Google
Google Procedure: Hair Reduction Source: Google I contemplated getting laser hair removal for quiet a while due to fear of pain! I came in for a consultation with Kayla and ended up doing a treatment the same day. The staff and the personnel made it so easy and comfortable and Kayla was superb! The facilities are gorgeous, clean and modern. Would absolutely recommend the Spiegel Center to anyone. Read review on Google
Google Procedure: Hair Reduction Source: Google After suffering from terrible ingrown hairs and bi monthly waxes I decided to finally give Laser Hair Removal a try. I also had a low hairline that really bothered me when I wore my hair up as those pesky little hairs never would reach my ponytail or grow long like the rest of my hair. I called the office to schedule my appointment & was greeted warmly right after one ring! After asking a few initial questions I decided to schedule my consultation with Kayla and her coordinator Taylor who was also amazing and fit me in a time that worked well with my busy work schedule. When you walk in its like a beautiful white palace! The sparkling diamond chandeliers and beautiful decor really give it an upscale feel. The girls at the front desk are gorgeous and so sweet! They offered me a drink and helped me sign in. I knew I would be in great hands! Kayla was amazing. I was very nervous but she instantly calmed my nerves and made me feel comfortable. The treatment was quick and easy and I was out the door shortly after. I really enjoyed that the treatment was done in a medical spa setting because it felt very clean while still being elegant and chic! Kayla did tell me it would take a couple of sessions but after just one session I have had little to no hair grow back! My one regret is that I didn't come see Kayla sooner! My skin is so smooth and soft and I am going to do other areas as well now. She also does other laser treatments as well as micro needling which I am going to try for some stretch marks I have and want to get rid of! Taylor was super informative and helped me pick a package that was a great price and would cover all of my treatments. I also splurged and picked up some skin care that she recommend (her skin looks like a doll so I trusted her completely!) I am loving them so far as well. It is worth a visit to their office, you will not regret it!! Read review on Google
Google Procedure: Hair Restoration Source: Google, Kayla, 3/21/2022 I came to the spiegel center around fall for a hair transplant and lip lift. From the start the staff were extremely helpful and kind. My surgery was scheduled just a couple months after my consult. I’m almost 9 months out and I’m extremely happy with the results Read review on Google
Google Procedure: Hair Restoration Source: Google 2/24/2020 Dr. Spiegel and his team did a great job! On February 13 I had forehead reduction, hairline lowering, eyebrow lift, rhinoplasty, full face fat grafting and a subtle augmentation of my upper lip. There was very little pain after surgery- mainly discomfort from not being able to breathe through my nose. I hardly had to take any of the oxycodone they prescribed. (To be fair, I seemed to recover abnormally quickly so my experience might not be representative.) Then on February 20 I got 2000 FUE hair grafts to fill in my temples. It's now February 24 and I'm feeling well enough to go back to work. I already love the results- my forehead and nose especially already look MUCH better (i.e. less masculine). And it will only improve as the swelling continues to diminish and the last remaining bruise under my right eye disappears. Thank you Dr. Spiegel, Eleanor, and everyone who helped me at the Spiegel Center! Read review on Google Procedure: Fat Freezing/ Body Contouring Source: I was referred to Dr. Speigel through a friend. Then I met Uzma, she met with me, explained all the steps and did a fabulous job walking me through the game plan that was laid out with Dr. Speigel and his associates. These people are fabulous, everyone in the office. I felt comfortable, confident and completely at ease the whole time. As for the results from my procedure, I couldn't be happier. With a little luck I'll be one of their before and after photos. The follow up after my procedure was so good that it was almost annoying, it was like my mother was taking care of me and wouldn't leave me alone until she knew I was fine. Uzma was there every step of the way like the girlfriend that wanted to take care of me and assure me that i was in good hands the whole time. I arrived there at 10:30 and was back at home before 2:00. I was expecting a 5-7 day down time but it was only 3 days. I feel and look like a new man now. Everyone that I've shown my procedure to can't believe the difference and that goes for me too. Thank you to all the doctors, nurses and staff at the Speigel Center for helping me feel like a new person. You're all terrific!!!!! Read review on Procedure: Tattoo Removal Source: Laser Tattoo Removal. Very great, professional and seemed to really know the procedure. I was greeted when i arrived and felt comfortable right from the start. Kayla paid attention to my procedure and took time getting to know me Read review on
Yelp Procedure: Tummy Tuck Source: Jamie S, Yelp, 4/21/2021 I wanted to share my review before my final results are even in! I am a tummy tuck patient who had my surgery at Spiegel Surgical Center with Dr. Shektman. First I met Dr. Spiegel who was very welcoming and informative. So important when making this kind of decision. Also the surgical staff at Spiegel is top. The morning of my surgery I was greeted by a wonderful surgical assistant "Pinky" I felt so safe and cared for. Uzma Husain the patient coordinator is amazing. From beginning to end she was there for me answering any questions making my experience very personal and safe. I highly recommend! Read review on Google
Google Procedure: Electrolysis Source: Michaela Kilduff, Google, 1/11/2023 The time I’ve spent having electrolysis with Aisha Dottin has truly been a blessing. Their patience, diligence and kindness has been a positive help while transitioning. Her help was outstanding and a real gift. The team at the Spiegel Center has been consistently welcoming and compassionate. There center in Newton is full of love and growth. Read review on Google