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Welcome to the Spiegel Center

To our new patients, welcome, and to our returning patients, welcome back! Are you ready to learn how the Spiegel Center can help you through your medical journey? We have prepared a list of blog topics, post operation guidelines, and information for our out of town patients. Please see below for specific instructions on how to prepare for your upcoming appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Right Time for Plastic Surgery is Now!

mommy make over bostonWhat a year it has been! Our faces have been covered for many months, and yet some people took great advantage of this “off time” and they will soon be able to uncover their new beautiful selves. If used correctly, time away can be a gift used to learn new skills, like baking or crocheting, and explore nature near our homes.

Pain Medication After Surgery

mommy make over bostonIt is our goal for the surgical experience to be pleasant, rewarding, and comfortable. However, some procedures can cause discomfort which is appropriately addressed with pain medication. So, what is the right pain medication?

Understanding Costs

mommy make over bostonThere is an old expression that money cannot buy happiness. Of course, there are some happy things that money cannot buy (true love, for example), but most people have their doubts about the validity of the expression. With an unlimited budget, you’d be able to get any procedures you wanted.

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!