Facial Plastic Surgery FAQ

Acne affects many people during their teen years with breakouts and inflammation, but even once the active pimples have gotten better, scarring may remain. There are many types of acne scars. Some are red, some pale, and some darkly pigmented. They may be firm, raised, or indented. Some may look like large pores or deep holes and are called “ice pick” scars. We have many tools for improving the appearance of acne scarring. Intense pulsed light (IPL) can improve color and redness, fractional laser can reduce the depth irregularities and smooth out the skin, microneedling can help for people with darker skin tones, and special techniques like scar revision or subcision may also be used. In other cases, we may recommend dermabrasion or certain skin care products. Acne scarring can be improved! We can help.
With aging our skin loses elasticity and our faces lose volume. A facelift is a great way to rejuvenate, refresh, and turn back the clock. But, the clock doesn’t stop! We’ll give you a new chance and a new, young starting point. After that, you need to maintain those good looks. Botulinum (Botox™) injections can reduce wrinkling of the skin caused my active muscle movements, and fillers will replenish missing volume and keep your natural facial shape looking youthful and energetic. When you get a new car, you still need to wash it, change the oil, and do regular service to keep it looking and running well. Fortunately, we’re here for you. We’ll help you develop a plan that helps restore good looks, and keeps you looking your best.
Regular dental work is important for your health, well-being, and looking good. Straight teeth and a bright smile are attractive. For most people, routine dental work is fine approximately 3 months after mandible (jaw) contouring, but we’ll be glad to speak with your dentist to determine the right timing for anything you need done.
You want your hair to be just the right color, but you probably don’t want your scalp to be the same color. Some of the chemicals used in hair dyes and processes are quite strong. It’s important to make sure that your surgical sites are well healed before exposing them to these materials. For many people, getting their hair dyed 8 weeks after surgery is fine. However, we’ll want to make a specific determination for you based upon how you are healing. Just check in; we’ll be glad to help.
So, we’ve helped your face and neck to look young and wrinkle free, but now your hands reveal too much! Over time our hands look thinner, veins and tendons show, and pigmented spots convey our years of experience. Don’t worry, we’ve got this. Radiesse™ or hyaluronic acid fillers can be paced into the hands to eliminate the thinness and camouflage the visible vessels. And, we’re one of the few places which has a special laser designed just for hand rejuvenation. It only takes a few moments to take years off your hands!
Yes! Botulinum neuromodulators, such as Botox ™, Xeomin™, and Dysport™ are great for relaxing muscles on the face and even making the jaw look narrower, but they can also reduce the activity of sweat glands. That’s right! A simple treatment with one of these products can help your armpits, palms, or elsewhere to sweat much less. Wouldn’t it be great not to have to worry about dark stains on your summer shirts or tops, and to be able to give a confident dry handshake? We can do it.
There are many types of headaches and many things which cause them including tension, certain foods or drinks, and stressful situations. There are also many ways to reduce the pain of a headache including sitting in a cool dark space, meditation, and medications. Interestingly, we and others have found that Botulinum neuromodulator treatments (such as Botox™, Xeomin™, or Dysport ™) may provide significant relief. Many people report that these treatments not only make them look better, but they have far fewer and less severe headaches. Similarly, people have reported great improvement in their headaches after brow lift surgery. Just think, you can look better and feel better! It’s a win-win.
Snoring is caused by vibrations in the back of the throat. Dr. Spiegel has extensive experience in both throat and nose surgery and can provide an in-depth evaluation to help you determine the best way to snore less and sleep better. For some people, a relatively simple and quick in-office procedure is the answer. The Pillar™ Implant procedure involves placing 3-5 small semi-rigid threads into the roof of the mouth. These help the palate to vibrate less which results in less snoring and ideally more restful sleep for you and your partner. The entire process takes less than 30 minutes, and there’s a limited recovery period so you won’t have many activity restrictions. Learn more about snoring here or make an appointment for us to speak in person. You, and your bed partner will be glad you did.
Yes! We’ve got a number of ways to help you have the most attractive lips. A lip lift will increase the youthfulness and brightness of your mouth, can make you look friendlier, and can help increase the fullness of your upper lip. We can also make your lips fuller by adding fat, skin and fat, fillers, or even a permanent implant like the Surgisil Perma™ Facial Implant. In short, yes, you can do filler no problem!
Botulinum like Botox™ work by limiting the movement of certain muscles. Your muscles heal from this and then start to return to normal strength with a return of those undesirable wrinkles. In the beginning this may occur in approximately 3 months. However, if you keep up with your treatments, you may find that the time between treatments starts to increase to where you may need to come in just 2-3 times per year. Fillers can last several months to several years, depending upon the type of material used and where they are placed. Most of the time people feel that the procedure was not too uncomfortable. Let’s be clear, it’s not as much fun as getting a massage, but it’s really not too bad, and we have a number of tricks to take the edge off. Ask us about pain reducing injection techniques – we’ve got them! You’ll probably want to avoid exercising too much for a day or two in order to limit the risk of a bruise. Sounds like a good day for some pampering instead!
Botulinum neuromodulators such as Botox™, Xeomin™, or Dysport ™ work by relaxing muscles that create facial wrinkles. Some people start to see some improvement in 2-3 days, but more commonly we say give it a week, and don’t fret if you don’t see much for ten days.
Botulinum neuromodulators work by limiting the movement of certain muscles. This helps relax wrinkles in places where you don’t really need a lot of movement such as your forehead, between your eyes, or in the crow’s feet area. Fillers are a way of replacing lost volume. As we age we lose cheek fat, and volume around the mouth, lips, and temples. Skillful replacement of the lost volume can provide a very natural and beautiful correction. We have many different fillers and know just which one to use for a particular person and area.
Needles? Who thought up the name for this procedure?! Fortunately, they’re “micro”. In microneedling a series of very small needles are used to “stamp” the skin with a powered handle. It’s actually quite comfortable, and the results can be amazing for stretch marks, scarring, acne scarring, fine loose skin, depressed areas, and more. It’s especially helpful for people with darker skin for whom laser may not be the best choice. One treatment should help, but a series of treatments will usually be even better.
Dr. Spiegel is among the world’s busiest and most experienced jaw surgeons when it comes to narrowing and contouring the jaw (sometimes known as “v-line” surgery). However, for some people surgery isn’t required. If you have a wide jaw, it may be enlargement of the masseter muscles. If that’s the case, we can shrink these muscles with an injection of a botulinum neuromodulator such as Botox™, Xeomin™, or Dysport ™. It’s an easy and comfortable office procedure that really works well. Come see us and we’ll let you know if you are a good candidate for this super solution to a wide jaw.
As part of the forehead contouring procedure, we’re usually able to bring the hairline forward with a scalp advancement. Dr. Spiegel has a unique way of doing this that can also feminize the hairline when required. This involves reducing the temporal recession (male pattern baldness) that some people have and rounding out the hairline. Often, that’s all you’ll need, but for some people additional hair restoration is helpful to further shape the hairline or to hide any signs of prior surgery. We’ll usually suggest waiting 4-6 months after the initial forehead surgery before we do the hair grafts so we can see exactly what you’ll need. However, it’s not a hard and fast rule, and sometimes we’ll recommend going sooner or waiting longer. Hair restoration is a great way to put a finishing touch on your beautiful new look. We’ll help you get the best possible results.
Eyebrows are made of hairs, so we can do hair restoration to restore lost density to your eyebrows. Whether they were over plucked or have thinned over time, we’ll take individual hairs from the back of your head and carefully place them in exactly the right place and orientation to fix the problem. Similarly, scars or bald spots in the beard, chest, or mustache can be filled in and camouflaged with your own living hairs.
We know you want to get back to looking good and taking care of your skin. We feel the same way. It’s very important, however, not to get cosmetics into any wounds while you’re healing as they could become irritated or even tattooed with the makeup color. The experts at The Spiegel Center will let you know when and where to start using cosmetics again; it’s usually much earlier than you’d expect! And, we’ll make sure you know which skincare products are right to keep looking great.
Dr. Spiegel makes sure that with each nose surgery he does the nose looks great and is as open as can be, so that you’ll breathe well after the swelling has gone down. While your nose is healing it’s better to avoid blowing your nose as an overly strong effort could slow down healing or cause bleeding. In the first two weeks after surgery we recommend using a salt water rinse (nasal saline spray) to gently irrigate out the nose. After that, talk with the doctor and he’ll let you know when you’re ready to blow your nose.
Where are you going and what procedure did you have done? For some procedures you can go home the same day or one day after surgery. Other times we may recommend you avoid travelling for a week or more. Dr. Spiegel will be able to give you a more precise answer based upon your individual situation.
We’re confident that after surgery you’re going to look great, but in the short term you may be bruised, swollen, or otherwise look different than your passport or legal identification. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a letter to bring to the airport that explains the situation. That should help and, we’ve never had anyone have a problem getting home, even when they’ve recently had surgery.
Yes! We know a great way to treat the special someone who is taking care of you. Ask us for details!
Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a constellation of procedures to help an individual look more feminine, youthful, and attractive. The precise procedures selected will depend upon your goals and needs. However, in general, these can include structural procedures such as forehead bone contouring, jaw contouring, cheek augmentation, and tracheal shave (chondrolaryngoplasty). People will often benefit from rhinoplasty (nose shaping), brow lift (eyebrow shaping), hairline advancement and rounding, and lip lift. Also, depending upon your age the doctor may suggest an eyelid lift, facelift, or laser resurfacing. Hair grafts can also be of value if you have a large amount of hair loss before FFS as can fat grafting to fill in hollow areas of the face and head. FFS is a very powerful way to achieve the most attractive, youthful, and feminine appearance possible and Dr. Spiegel is one of the world's pioneers and most experienced practitioners of FFS.
Facial feminization involves changing the shape of the face to achieve the right contours, light reflections, and shadows in order to create a beautiful woman's face. It works, but it takes time. The surgery can go several hours and recovery can take weeks. But there's another way. If you don't have the time for the full surgery, liquid FFS can be the answer. By injecting precise amounts of calcium based or hyaluronic acid based filler materials into the face we can adjust the contours, reflections, and shadows of the face. The amount of feminization can be remarkable, the procedure takes less than an hour, and the results are immediate. Dr. Onir invented liquid FFS and has unparalleled experience with the technique.
To reward you for taking care of yourself we developed The Spiegel Center Point system. For every dollar you spend on aesthetic services or skin care products at TSC, you'll earn one point on your account. Points can be redeemed for skin care products and services such as Botox(TM), fillers, laser hair removal, etc. You can earn enough points toward free IPL, microneedling and Morpheus services. You take care of yourself and then get free services in return. It's a win win!

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