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We are excited to announce that facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Tower will be joining
The Spiegel Center beginning
April 3, 2023!

Dr Spiegel

Dr. Jacob Tower

Dr. Jacob Tower brings his impeccable credentials, impressive surgical training, and meticulous care to further expand the world class aesthetic services at The Spiegel Center.

After completing a challenging course of study in Neuroscience, Dr. Tower graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Dr. Tower then went directly to medical school at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, one of the most selective medical schools in the world, as the recipient of the William F. and Erma Borchers Scholars Award.

Following medical school, Dr. Tower continued his training with five years of study in Head and Neck Surgery at Yale University, in New Haven, CT. During that time he studied and did research with Dr. Neil Gordon, one of the world’s most celebrated facelift surgeons. Dr. Tower’s research advanced facelift surgery by better characterizing the structural changes associated with facial aging and innovating best treatment strategies.  He brings this in-depth knowledge to every facelift he performs.

After residency, Dr. Tower was chosen for an American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship in New York City.  While there he trained with experts in facial surgery, cranial skeletal surgery and rhinoplasty, including Dr. Steven Pearlman, past president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Dr. Tower’s expertise in rhinoplasty includes shaping the nose for a beautiful and balanced appearance, in addition to restoring best function for easier breathing.

Dr. Tower has a thoughtful approach and an artistic eye for his work, coupled with a deep understanding of the fundamental science of plastic surgery.  He joins The Spiegel Center as an assistant professor at the Boston University School of Medicine, a sought-after lecturer, and an expert in facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Tower lives with his wife and young son in Boston. He enjoys running along the Charles River, skiing with family and friends, and spending his time on the waters of southern New England.

Patient Reviews

  • “Dr. Tower performed a Septoplasty and a turbinate reduction on my nose this year (2023) and I can honestly say that even months out I notice how much it has changed my quality of life. Not only was my smell greatly enhanced, but I breathe much easier at night and congestion is no longer a full-face phenomenon. Dr. Tower was very supportive both throughout the pre-surgical process and aftercare and was always available for questions. I’ve been told I had a pretty tough nose to perform this type of surgery on but I wouldn’t have known. From comparing my nasal abilities to friends with perfect respiration, there’s truly no difference after years of a slight wheeze with every nose breath. I can’t recommend Dr. Tower enough in this regard, I never had any doubts and he was very assuring and allowed me to make my own decisions regarding the surgery! Thanks Doctor Tower!” – Septoplasty patient

  • “If you are contemplating nasal surgery, I can’t say enough about Dr. Towers abilities and professionalism. His attention to detail from initial consultation to surgery to post op care is unmatched. I underwent complicated nasal valve surgery which involved harvest of rib cartilage to reconstruct my airway. I spent much of my life struggling to breath and relied on Breathe Right strips and CPAP remedies to help me cope. I wish I met Dr. Tower 30 years ago. My outcome was truly life changing. Thank you Dr. Tower! I can breathe! I cannot thank you enough!” – Rhinoplasty patient

  • “Dr. Tower’s medical expertise is surpassed only by his care and compassion for his patients. He took the time to truly understand and empathize with my concerns, and was happy to carefully explain the root of my problems as well as his surgical approach to fixing them. He is a true surgical craftsman and was meticulous at fixing both the function and aesthetics of my nose, and he was not satisfied until I was able to recover and breathe freely for the first time in years. I would recommend Dr. Tower to anyone with ENT or nasal issues as they are guaranteed to have tremendous results.” – Rhinoplasty patient

  • “ For several years, I hated looking in the mirror at my saggy face and was afraid of surgery. That all changed when I met Dr. Tower. He totally put me at ease and explained everything. And didn’t mind when I had questions. Because of him, we moved forward with my surgery and I cannot believe the difference. Dr. Tower is amazing!” – Facelift patient

  • “I had a nose injury for many years, but never realized how bad and unpleasant it was until I had to use a CPAP. Although people say they never noticed, it really bothered me to look at. To the point I did not want to touch or look at my nose. I was unsure if it could be fixed and hesitant to even try. I went to see Dr. Tower and he was truly amazing , he explained everything perfectly and helped me to understand what had happened and how he could fix it. He broke it down to what it would take and what the recovery would be like. He checked on me before the surgery and after and made any concern I had go away. The results of what he did made me feel like a completely new person at 56 years old and made me wish I had done the procedure earlier in life. My confidence was back and whatever I felt was unpleasant about my nose was gone. I remember breathing through my nose for the first time after my surgery and I felt the air go places I have not felt in a long time. I am a warm weather person but now I like the cold because I love the feeling of the cold breathing through my nose. Forever grateful to Dr. Tower.”

  • “Dr. Tower, I am so grateful for what you have done for me. You have not only made it so I can properly breathe (bizarre), you have helped me feel so much more confident. I felt like I was able to trust you from the moment I met you. You have given me something so amazing that I will now have every day for the rest of my life.

    “Having something like this done was so scary to me, but you have been reassuring every step of the way. Beyond excited about this is an understatement. I’m so glad I was able to do this with you before you leave here. I am certain you are going to do such amazing things with plastic surgery in Newton. I can only hope that anyone who walks through those doors to see you knows how lucky they are. I’m looking forward to following your new journey, the progression of my new nose, and hopefully having you sew up these ridiculous earlobes this summer! Dr. Tower, thank you will never be enough.”

  • “Deciding to get a septorhinoplasty was very nerve-wracking. I had thought about it for years and always backed out due to fear. But, when I had my first consultation with Dr. Tower, a lot of my fears about getting the surgery went away. Not many people get excited about surgery, especially one on your face, but he made me excited to finally fix something that has been affecting my life for so long. Another thing about Dr. Tower is he wants to know who you are. There was never a time when I went to an appointment where he didn’t ask how school was going or what classes I was taking. Dr. Tower is an amazing doctor, surgeon, and person and if anyone ever needed anything for nasal repair, he would be the first doctor I would recommend.”

Dr. Jacob Tower Specializes in the Following Procedures

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!