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A trachea shave can be an effective, satisfying and long-lasting solution to a large Adam’s apple for men and women. Dr. Spiegel’s specialized tracheal shave technique is able to remove the absolute most cartilage while keeping the vocal cords untouched. A trachea shave can be performed alone or in conjunction with other procedures. The surgery generally takes less than one hour in the operating room.

A small incision is placed on the upper crease of the neck or in a wrinkle in the skin. The incision is placed in one of these locations in order to hide the small scar as much as possible. This approach works well. Using a tiny video camera, Dr. Spiegel locates the vocal cords and marks the location on the neck. He then exposes the thyroid cartilage and removes all of the prominent cartilage and its borders above the vocal cord marking. This way he is able to remove as much as possible while minimizing the risk of voice change. The incision is then closed and cleaned and a small bandage is placed over the incision following surgery.

trachea shave boston
Trachea Shave Before & After

During the first 24-48 hours after the tracheal shave surgery it is common to experience some bruising and swelling as well as a sore throat. Discomfort is typically minor. Mild voice weakness may occur in the first few days after surgery but should not be long term. Patients are encouraged to rest their voices and apply an ice pack to the treated area for the first couple of days following surgery. The incision area may be red and thick for the first few weeks and this will improve with time. Tightness and lumpiness around the neck is common and simply takes time to settle. Once the swelling and bruising has dissipated patients can enjoy their new, smooth neckline!

What is a trachea shave procedure?

The most important consideration in addressing the Adam’s apple is voice protection. Using his method, Dr. Spiegel can ensure maximal results with maximal safety.


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Procedure: Tracheal Shave
Source: Real Self

I feel like a new woman after my tracheal shave! I had no idea a procedure so simple and easy, could be so life changing. But I say, whatever it is that’s holding you back from living life in your highest form, address it and tackle it with all you’ve got. If that’s a surgical enhancement, Dr. Spiegel and his team will surely get you there. Thank you!


Procedure: Trachea Shave
Source: Real Self

After doing a lot of research I decided to have a trachea shave and vocal feminization surgery with Dr. Spiegel. The entire process was as painless as it could be. Everyone from the women at the reception desk to Carole, who did an amazing job helping me with just about everything, to Dr. Spiegel was super nice and made me feel comfortable. The surgery itself was a success as well. I went from feeling self conscious when going to work and outside in general to being completely comfortable with myself. I have not been called sir on the phone or at a drive through since regaining my voice. Having the procedure done was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Three weeks of vocal rest were hard but absolutely worth it. I can’t recommend Dr. Spiegel enough. He has literally changed my life for the better.



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