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10 Plastic Surgery Look Alikes

1. Nefertiti Cosmetic plastic surgery is something that has been able to completely change people’s lives entirely. As a plastic surgeon you have to be aware of when a procedure is being done for the right reasons. To want to look like a celebrity is not always the best approach to plastic surgery. Sure you […]

More Asian People Getting Plastic Surgery to Appear “Western”

CNN recently did an interesting story regarding a new popular trend amongst a certain number of Asian individuals requesting to look more “western”. Reshaping of the nose and eye lid surgery seems to be a very popular growing Asian trend in Seoul which has been attracting many Asian people looking to have a more European […]

Pre-Wedding Plastic Surgery Options

When it comes to that special day many brides want everything to be 100% perfect. That also includes their physical look and appearance. Since plastic surgery has become such a widely accepted practice and continues to grow in that direction as more brides are opting for some pre-wedding plastic surgery just to tighten things up […]

Wall St. Journal Discusses Male Plastic Surgery

For many years now women have been at the front line of the plastic surgery industry. As time goes on the numbers between male & female receiving plastic surgery is definitely starting to balance out more and more. More men are starting to acquire a variety of plastic surgery treatments to make themselves feel better […]

The Skin I Live In – New Plastic Surgery Movie

Lovely woman with wide smile

We haven’t seen much on the big screen surrounding the plastic surgery industry since Nip Tuck but right now at the Cannes Film Festival a new movie is brewing surrounding the Plastic Surgery Industry. It is a mix between thriller and horror and the lead actor in this film is Antonio Banderas. It plays a […]

Dr. Spiegel Featured In Globe

Boston Globe

Recently there has been some chatter surrounding whether Bristol Palin received some facial plastic surgery. The Globe had asked us about our opinion on her recent transformation and we think she looks wonderful! Bristol does not need to hide her plastic surgery but rather embrace it.

Boston Plastic Surgeons Give A Girl Her Smile Back

smile back

Different things happen to different people that cause facial deformities in people’s lives. Some can be repaired through extensive re-constructive facial plastic surgery and others simply cannot be helped. Caitlin Cowen suffered from a situation where she was left without the inability to smile. Not being able to smile could deprive someone of a very important form of daily […]

6 Plastic Surgeon Red Flags To Look Out For

There are a lot of surgeons and unlicensed surgeons out there that try to prey on those that might not really know any better when shopping for a specific plastic surgery procedure. When it comes to choosing the right plastic surgeon you have to keep your eyes and ears open for red flags. They are […]

Don’t Fall For Fake Botox Video

Closeup of woman getting cosmetic injection in the face

In a recent Dr. OZ interview they set up a sting operation to see just how badly people would want Botox injections. It is important to realize that Botox is 100% safe when injected by a licensed cosmetic surgeon in the right areas. Cheap discounted Botox injections conducted by unlicensed professionals can often times result […]

Scared Of Needles? A Topical Botox Might Be Coming

If you are scared of needles don’t worry because you are not alone. Many people who decide to pursue injectables often times cringe when they think about having to go under the needle. There might be a solution to this problem very shortly down the road. According to The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery […]

Welcoming Dr. Jacob Tower to The Spiegel Center!