Gauged Earlobe Reconstruction

Jun 7th, 2012No Comments

Gauged Ear RepairDo you wear heavy earrings?  Are you someone who had their earlobes stretched as a trend and now regret it?  Stretched earlobes are a growing concern among patients and there can be several reasons why the earlobes were stretched.   However, this is type of reconstruction is as easy as a simple in office procedure.   Sometimes when patients hear the word “reconstruction”, it scares them however this pain free quick and almost scarless procedure can have your earlobes back to their perky shapes with no down time.

Below is a video about a nursing student  named Denisse and she was one of many who had her earlobes stretched in the past and now is suffering from large drooping earlobes.  The video below will show you how simple and pain free earlobe reconstruction can be!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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