Open Call For New Transgender TV Show

Jun 9th, 20111 Comment

Transgender topics have become a hot topic in society these days. With international models like Lea T really making great waves in the fashion industry the community has been growing in strength. Chicago has been known to have one of the largest communities of transgender individuals and one man is looking to take it main stream.

Tower Productions has been holding open calls for individuals with aspiring stories that wouldn’t mind getting in front of a camera.

“Schmiedeler and crew are working with the West Side AIDS prevention organization,Taskforce Prevention and Community Services to cast young Chicagoans for the show. The organization was featured on a Towers Production series in 2006 called Runaways, which aired on MSNBC. That series followed a young transgender Chicagoan, Angie, who went to Taskforce for services.”

“Buzz has been circulating for weeks that the show is slotted to air on MTV, a rumor that neither Ozier nor Schmiedeler would confirm or deny. Schmiedeler said that the company will likely pitch the series to MTV, but said the show is still in development and no deals have been made. Regardless, the series expected to be picked up by a major national network.”

This is an amazing opportunity for any transgender individuals that want the world to hear their story. If you are transgender and interested in becoming part of this show refer to the information below.




Thursday, June 16th

Who to call:

Taskforce Prevention and Services at 773-473-4100.

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Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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One response to “Open Call For New Transgender TV Show”

  1. Fortes soli superant says:

    I wonder why they don’t make shows about the congenital talipes equinovarus community? Or the Ectrodactyly community? Or the cheiloschisis/palatoschisis community?

    Why is it that those of us born suffering from Transsexualism are a social “phenomenon” for people to fawn over, but those born with other developmental conditions are unfortunate people who are treated medically?

    I don’t want to be a “hot topic” or known for a condition I was born with. All most of us want is the ordinary, normal life we were denied.

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