Elf Ear Plastic Surgery On The Rise

Apr 13th, 20114 Comments

Elf Ear Plastic SurgeryYes folks you heard it, elf ears are the new craze. More and more people are looking for cosmetic plastic surgery regarding the ears in order to resemble a more elf like ear. With the top portion of the ear being re-shaped to have a pointy look this is a new ear surgery craze sweeping through society right now. This new craw in ear surgery will leave individuals looking like they are right out of The Lord Of The Ring movies.

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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4 responses to “Elf Ear Plastic Surgery On The Rise”

  1. Lewis Green says:

    Would you perform elf ear surgery Dr. Spiegel? I’ve often wondered where and how the line is drawn? For me this goes down the line of tongues being forked to look like a snake or horns being implanted. I can’t shake the feeling many people seeking something like this would benefit more from working with a psychologist or psychaiatrist. To me there is a big difference between wanting a procedure to look like a more beautiful human being and wanting to look like a different species.

  2. craig says:


    We should call this show “what would the Jones’ think?!” or perhaps “A lesson in hypocrisy”.

    The woman on the right’s first words were “why can’t they just be happy with themselves the way they are!?”or something close to that, later going on to mock those who find this particular modification attractive. I just want to point out that she has had Botox, a fake tan, most likely a breast augmentation, her lips altered, her hair is NOT it’s natural color (and has been cut and shaped) her teeth have been unnaturally straightened and whitened, she herself has her ears pierced and she has fake fingernails. Perhaps she’s even had a little nip-tuck or a nose job… I wonder how many “boob jobs” ( a socially acceptable and often times highly prized modification) are “risky”, rupture, sag strangely, cause cancers and lifelong pain, or at the very least infection. Maybe before you say you can’t understand something (that you’ve obviously been doing for many years) you should realize that some people look at you and think “wow, why would she do those horrible things to herself!” Since “beauty” is a personal ideal (even though the mainstream would like to tell the world which “procedures” are okay and which are “ugly”) Maybe one should realize that being “beautiful” is only skin deep, but ugly is through and through.

  3. Dave says:

    I have to admit that I would get the ear thing done. However, every legit mention of the surgery states that the procedure is 1) snip cart. at top of ear. 2) sew top of ear together to form point.
    This reduces the size of the ear and may leave scarring. These are things I dislike about it. I would actually like to (to a small degree) increase the size of the ear and shape to a point. Isn’t this possible?
    Wouldn’t a trained cosmetic surgeon be able to insert a small piece of surgical plastic in behind the ear to stretch the flesh of the ear and create the new shape? Wouldn’t this also hide the ugly scars from view?
    Finally, is there a legitimate cosmetic surgeon that’s willing to perform this procedure?

  4. Kaiti says:

    I personally would get this procedure done in a heartbeat. The whole point of body modification is not to try and appear less human, as has been previously stated, or even to to become another species. (Don’t get me wrong, For a few people out there, it is. There was even a guy that got tattooed all over his face, had plastic surgery, and had implants put in to make him look like a human feline) To me, body modification is your way of making your body your art. Its kind of like fashion design, but instead of with clothes, its with your body. So many people today are getting tattooed and pierced like crazy, and even going so far as to put implants in their faces and arms, etc. These people are brave. They dare to say to the world “I like my body, but… i wonder how cool it would be if we looked like this instead.” its a way of making ever single person even more individual than they already are. (Using a combination of implants, surgeries, tattoos, etc.) sign me up, i want to tell my future children that their mom is an elf. 🙂

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