Why Facial Yoga Could Increase Wrinkles

Mar 15th, 20112 Comments

Facial YogaThere are many resources bouncing around our health community stating that facial yoga can actually help with fighting wrinkles but actually it is the opposite. Facial yoga techniques can actually increase facial wrinkles if done incorrectly.

Here are a number of reasons why:

  1. Many wrinkles are caused by muscle. Facial yoga can actually increase muscle mass only leading to more wrinkles down the road.
  2. Facial muscles that one consciously can exercise will cause wrinkles at the Nasolabial fold, across the forehead, next to the eyes (crow’s feet), and as vertical lines between the eyes.  Additionally, lines around the mouth can form (radiating lines around the mouth) – sometimes called smoker’s lines.
  3. If you need proof, realize that Botox is a hugely important cosmetic treatment that works to RELAX muscles – the equivalent of atrophying them to prevent them from being strong.  this causes a great improvement in appearance.

The next time you try to perform your own facial yoga treatments think about the long lasting wrinkle effects that could emerge from strengthen muscles that need to be relaxed. Try thinking about Botox injections if you truly want to reduce wrinkles in the face.



Written by Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

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2 responses to “Why Facial Yoga Could Increase Wrinkles”

  1. Dr. Spiegel says:

    This is very important. Facial exercises like this which tone muscles, will actually create wrinkles! It’s a nice idea that yoga could tone your face, but it won’t be what you want…

  2. fhncc says:

    It could be true. Don’t they say that facial expressions lead to wrinkles. So, what is facial yoga if not that, times 2.

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